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How the Right Leadership Mindset, Workforce and Culture Can Transform Your Organization

The “Elusive Agile Enterprise” report illustrates the increasing importance of agility as an organizational approach and explores how organizations can achieve end-to-end agility in a highly competitive world.

To better understand this approach and its advantages, Forbes Insights, in collaboration with Scrum Alliance, surveyed more than 1,000 C-level executives from around the globe and from a range of industries. Questions explored executives’ overall view on the importance of agility, how it correlates with success in transformation efforts, and how far along companies are with implementing these frameworks. We also conducted in-depth interviews with leading C-level executives from top-tier organizations including GE Healthcare, Nokia, J. Walter Thompson Company, Toyota Connected, Unisys, and Team WIKISPEED.

Based on our research findings and conversations with top executives, we discovered that Agile methodologies can help spur growth and support digital transformation in an era of high customer demand and fast-emerging market trends. The report shows Agile organizations experience:

  • Faster time to market (60%)
  • Faster innovation (59%),
  • Improved non-financial results such as customer experience and product quality (59%)
  • Improved employee morale (57%)

To view more key findings, including bottom-line benefits of increased agility, as well as a data-driven three-step approach for executives to bring the “elusive” organizational agility into focus read the report.

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