Regional Scrum Gathering Tokyo, Shinagawa
January 09-11, 2019

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The Regional Scrum Gathering Tokyo® 2019 is a 8th annual Regional Gathering held in Tokyo for Agile enthusiasts and Scrum practitioners. Our purpose is to provide a "Ba" (place) where practitioners share their ideas with each other. This year, three speakers are invited to speek as keynotes, Chris Lucian Director of Software Development at Hunter Industries, Gabrielle Benefield Founder of Outcome Delivery, and Naoyuki Ide CEO at Yoho Brewing Company. We made the proposals and correspondence open to public and accepted votes from outside.

Last year we had a larger number of English­-speaking speakers to have wider cultural diversity. It was an opportunity for non­-Japanese speakers to get touch with Japanese local communities. It also was a good chance for local language speakers to communicate with other language speakers.

We could see that local communities are wider spreading as we could see more women participants in this event, yet the number of women in IT industry in Japan are few compared to men.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive: 98.1 percent said they would join the next event!