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Regional Scrum Gathering India 2017

  • Event
    On behalf of  Organizing Team for Regional Scrum Gathering Bengaluru, here is a warm welcome and we hope to see you at the event.
    This year, the regional Scrum Gathering India 2017 will be held in Bengaluru, at the ITC Gardenia Hotel, between 6-7 September 2017. This will be the fourth Regional Scrum Gathering in India. In 2016, the Global Scrum gathering was held in India.
    Backed by Scrum Alliance, this gathering will attract participants and speakers from a global audience.
    This year’s theme is #InspireAgility. Inspire People to do the things that inspire them, and together, we can change our world. We focus on the “Why” and challenges in implementing the Agile mindset.
    India is a land of many flavors.  This year we look at three different flavors
    • Inspire to Create – Bring something into existence
    • Inspire to Succeed – Achieve the desired aim or result
    • Inspire to Excel - Be exceptionally good at an activity or subject

    Volunteers are working weekly to get this event to run smoothly.   Many Certified Enterprise Coaches® (CEC) and Certified Scrum Trainers® (CST’s) who are accredited Scrum professional’s from India and abroad support this event and you will get to meet them at the conference and interact with them.

    If you are a CSM, CSPO, CSP this event is for you to share with all the participants.We hope you get to meet many of them in the conference as well. If you are leading large scrum transformations and facing challenges and want to share your story as well this event is for you. If you just want to learn from the best in the industry this event if for you as well.
    We are hoping for an even mix of workshops and sessions, for both beginners and more advanced practitioners, that are always of the highest calibre and encompass the latest trends.  We are also trying hard to not make this only about a few people and we are confident to not bore you with powerpoints. The speakers are selected on merit by an expert panel of leading Agilists across the world. If you want to know who is on the selection panel, please visit the review team page here

    We anticipate a full-house of 250 participants from Indian and international business communities who have adopted Scrum’s powerful set of principles to transform their world of work.

    Ready to Register? Visit the registration page here: REGISTER

    This gathering has a very simple goal.

    • Inspire Agility in us so that we can achieve success in an ever complex business environment.
    • Create a healthy joyful environment to work in so that we can be the best in what we do.

    Imagine what 250 like-minded leaders, practitioners, trainers, coaches, and enthusiasts can achieve together over two full days of collaboration.

    As a sponsor, your representatives will have the opportunity to network with a sizeable audience, whilst retaining the intimacy to interact with participants on a one-on-one basis. For the latest information on this event, please see the website: Regional Scrum Gathering India 

    Additional Event:

    CSP + Retreat as part of Regional Scrum Gathering, Bengaluru India

    As part of India Regional Scrum Gathering, we will host a special opportunity for CSP+ credential holders meet and discuss the new practices and techniques for enabling the team to be better in Scrum. These retreats have been a platform for many new techniques and sharing platform for mutual learning.  

    This event is for aspiring / existing CSP's, CSC and CEC and CST's. 

    The retreat, facilitated by Naveen Nanjundappa, will be based on Open Space Technology, where participants drive the retreat topics they want to discuss. 

    Eligibility - CSP 
    7 Scrum Education Units. 
    Limited to Only First 30 registrants
    SEU - 7 SEU

    Location - ITC Gardenia, Bengaluru 
    Date: 05 Sep 2017
    Time: 9:30 - 17:30 
    Register: CSP + Retreat Registration 

    Ready to Register for the India Regional Scrum Gathering? Visit the registration page here: REGISTER

    Yours Truly,
    Team RSGI 2017
  • Details

    Date: 6-7 September, 2017
    Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

    ITC Gardenia
    No.1 Residency Road
    Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025 India
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    Regular Price:

    All prices are in INR

    12000 - Last minute Price 

    10000 - Regular Price - (Valid Till Aug 20)  

    7500 -  Early Bird ( Valid Till May 31 ) - 100 Only

    5000 - Super Early Bird ( Valid Till April 30 ) - 50 Seats

  • Program
    For more information about the agenda please visit the Regional Scrum Gathering India website
      We are glad to announce a coaching clinic in RSGI Bangalore. Coaches Clinic has been one the most happening things in all the global and regional scrum gatherings.Some of the best conversations happen here as well.

    A key part of Scrum Alliance mission is to guide the application of Agile practices, principles, and values through our career-long certification path. Our community of coaches and trainers are focused on providing the knowledge, skills, and experience that support Agile transformations for both individuals and organizations.

    Coaches’ Clinics are a unique and free service designed to help you with specific challenges you’ve encountered on your way to a more Agile way of working. Organized by the training and coaching community, these 15-minute coaching sessions are available during our Global Scrum Gatherings, Regional Scrum Gatherings, and many Agile events around the world that our coaches and trainers attend to support the community. Based on their individual needs, participants are matched with volunteer coaches, many of them CECs and CSTs, to discuss technical practices, organizational change, Scrum, Kanban, Agile Coaching as a career, and topics such as breaking down development silos to coordinating multiple teams and educating upper management for enhanced agility.
    Here are some details that you would need about the coaches Clinic. 

    How Do I Get Coached: 
    Please look for Coaches Clinic Sign board. There will be hosts for the coaches clinic.
    1. Sign up for your slot or just show up
    2. An Available experienced Scrum Alliance coach will sit with you for 15 minutes. 
    3. Once the session is over, please take a picture with the coach  tweet it to the conference Tweet #RSGI2017
    4. Post a feedback about the coach in the feedback board that you will see in the area.
    You can do as many sessions as you like but each session is only 15 minutes long.
    Have fun learning at the coaches clinic. This service is free as part of your ticket to Regional Scrum Gathering. Well worth it. Don’t miss.
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    With over 375,000 members worldwide, Scrum Alliance brings you together with like-minded people who are passionate about Scrum and who are changing the world of work every day.

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    At SolutionsIQ (Acquired By Accenture), helping companies navigate the complexities of transitioning to Agile is what we do best.

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  • Venue


    No.1 Residency Road

    Bengaluru, Karnataka


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  • Comments
    Jeevan Singh, CSM, 3/6/2017 10:56:43 AM
    How do I need to register or reserve the slot?
    Meghana Niranjan Parwate, CSP,CSD,CSM,CSPO, 3/8/2017 10:48:23 PM
    I am interested.
    How do I enroll?
    Syedur Rahman, CSP,CSD,CSM,CSPO,REP, 3/11/2017 3:06:50 AM
    What is the Call for Papers approach and time-line please?
    Ajay Shenoy, CSP,CSPO, 3/13/2017 7:14:39 AM
    How Do we enroll
    Karan Sethi, CSM,CSPO, 3/15/2017 4:59:52 AM
    I am interested.please let me know once you arevopen for
    Gokul Narasimha, CSM,CSPO, 3/20/2017 6:36:43 AM
    I am interested in attending the event, can you please let me know the following
    1. How do we enroll
    2. Fees
    3. Duration
    Ramakrishna Valligari, CSM, 3/22/2017 11:21:10 PM

    I'm Interested, please let me know the enroll process
    Vibhu Srinivasan, CST,CSP,CSM,CSPO,REP, 3/25/2017 10:44:25 AM
    Registrations are open now.
    Saravanan Easwaran, CSM, 4/2/2017 10:09:05 AM
    Balaaji Periyannan Venkatachalam, CSP,CSM, 6/5/2017 1:28:48 AM
    I am CSM, could you help to provide Discount Code for Scrum Alliance member
    Saket Bansal, CSP,CSD,CSM,CSPO,REP, 6/20/2017 9:52:09 PM
    Hi Balaaji, Sorry for delay in responding, I have put your point to managing group and one of use will connect soon.
    Anonymous, 7/3/2017 4:10:35 AM
    Hello, I have an early bird ticket for this event bought for Rs.5000. I would not be able to attend the event this year. Anyone willing to buy the same, kindly contact me on I can transfer the ticket to you.

    Manish Narula, CSM, CSM, 7/11/2017 4:11:52 AM
    Yes, I am interested. Can I buy ticket from anyone else who is unable to attend?
    Anonymous, 7/17/2017 8:34:47 PM
    This ticket is no longer available. Thanks.

    "Hello, I have an early bird ticket for this event bought for Rs.5000. I would not be able to attend the event this year. Anyone willing to buy the same, kindly contact me on I can transfer the ticket to you."
    Pratap Sahoo, CSP,CSD,CSM,CSPO, 7/18/2017 1:35:32 PM
    A great event. I will join.
    Dnyaneshwar Bhosale, CSP,CSM, 8/7/2017 9:36:09 AM
    Do we have any recommendations on stay, near by for this conference for attendees who are joining from other cities?
    Kasi Naveen Chittluri, CSP,CSM, 8/17/2017 1:16:22 AM
    I am a CSM Certified. By chance, Can someone help me to get the ticket with discounted price?

    It would be really helpful for the individuals like us, stepping up the ladder in terms of knowledge.

    Thanking you,
    Naveen Chittluri
    Sreenivasulu Patthipati, CSP,CSM, 8/24/2017 4:19:48 AM

    I am interested to attend this gathering. Kindly help me if there is any discount or tickets available.

    my email id:
    Vibhu Srinivasan, CST,CSP,CSM,CSPO,REP, 8/28/2017 12:37:23 AM
    Kasi Naveen Chittluri, CSP,CSM, 8/30/2017 5:11:56 AM
    Can anyone help me on any discounted code or offered price available for purchasing tickets?
    Deenadayal Bajjingi, CSM, 8/31/2017 10:44:54 PM
    Registered already. See you all there!
    Nishant Sinha, CSP,CSM, 9/1/2017 9:04:36 AM
    Hello, I have an early bird ticket for "Regional Scrum Gathering India 2017" which is going to held on 6-7 September, 2017 bought for Rs.5000. I would not be able to attend the event this year. Anyone willing to buy the same, kindly contact me on I can transfer the ticket to you.

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