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Scrum Regional Gathering Shanghai 2012

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    Scrum Regional Gathering - Shanghai - 2012 is a world-class agile conference sponsored by a non-profit organization Scrum Alliance. A number of gatherings are held each year in different cities all over the world.

    In 2009, Scrum Regional Gathering started in China, in Shanghai. The conference has been organized annually since then with the help of the local agile community, attracting many agile practitioners as well as agile experts from China and all over the world. It developed quickly into one of the most influential international agile conferences in China, and even in Asia.

    Scrum Regional Gathering also serves as a gathering point for agile communities. The 2012 conference is completely set up by organizers from local communities, with the simple aim to contribute value to people in the local community. “Let Agile Fly”, as the conference sets its ambition; as well as the principle “from the agile community for community agility,” to provide an open and fair communication platform for all people or organizations that embraces agility.

    Looking ahead, Scrum Regional Gathering - Shanghai - 2012 will surely be a spectacular Agile event. Participants can choose from more than 40 presentations, 6 keynotes, one of the largest open space sessions seen in China, as well as a code retreat, open jam, five tutorials / workshop, and even world-class agile training.


    Scrum Gathering是由位于美国的非盈利组织Scrum Alliance组织的品牌会议,每年在全世界多个国家的多个城市巡回举办。 2008年Scrum Gathering第一次来到中国,在上海举办,随后在上海落地生根,由本地社区每年协助举办,吸引了国内外敏捷领域的顶级专家以及数量巨大的爱好者参 与,并很快发展成为国内、乃至亚洲地区,最具影响力的国际级敏捷聚会。

    Scrum Gathering更是各地敏捷社区的聚会。2011年的Scrum Gathering Shanghai大会,更是一个完全由本地社区活跃人士自主发起、服务于本地社区的活动。大会确立了“让敏捷飞 | Let Agile Fly”的口号,以及“来自敏捷社区、服务社区敏捷 | From Agile Community and for Community Agility”的宗旨,为国内所有关注敏捷、实施敏捷、推广敏捷的企业和个人,提供平等、开放的交流平台。

    2012年的Scrum Gathering大会,更是一场饕餮盛宴!超过40场技术讲座,6场豪华阵容的主题演讲,国内最大规模的Open Space,在国内其他技术会议上罕见的Code Retreat和Open Jam,5场深入的工作坊练习,以及1场全球顶级培训。创新、热情的社区组织者们将倾力打造一场国内乃至亚洲顶级的敏捷大会。

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    Date: 7-9 June, 2012
    Location: Shanghai, China

    Xuhui District
    Shanghai, China
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