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Mile High Agile

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    “Elevating the Agile Organization”

    As the Agile Methodologies continue to grow, adapt, and evolve, it becomes more apparent that it is not just a project management method for delivering software faster.

    Agile has become something that we are, not just something that we do.
    It is a way of running an organization, not just running a team.
    It is a way that we treat each other, not just a way that we manage work.

    Agility has crossed outside the walls of engineering to being a core part of an organization’s culture. And here is where we see it shine.

    Join us for the 2017 Mile High Agile Conference “Elevating the Agile Organization”

    Here attendees will experience thought-provoking and useful sessions on:

    Leading Enterprise Transformation

    Organization, Culture and Collaboration

    Product Ownership

    Agile Beyond Software

    Agile Fundamentals


    New This Year

    This year, we are introducing a new, 2-day format to give you more opportunities to expand your Agile skills.

    On Monday, May 22nd, the conference will consist of the kick off keynote with Joshua Kerievsky and a full day of sessions.

    On Tuesday, May 23rd, you will contribute to what we discuss and learn together through an innovative participant-driven process called Open Space. Dean Leffingwell will speak at our lunch and Melissa Perri will conclude the event as our closing keynote speaker.

    Agile Denver, Colorado’s non-profit Front Range community for Agile & Lean methods, is excited to host Mile High Agile 2017!

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    Date: 22-23 May, 2017

    , 80203
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