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    Understanding WHY we deliver technology and HOW we do it successfully at scale.

    SEACON UK (Study of Enterprise Agility Conference) is a new conference and exhibition focusing on Enterprise Agility, new ways of working which enable enterprises to offer value and opportunity to their customers.

    Naturally there is a significant focus on technology although it is in the context of the purpose of the enterprise – what organisations are attempting to achieve as well as how to go about it.

    The conference will provide the aforementioned insights via:

    • Key Note Presentations from globally recognised thought leaders inc. Barry O'Reilly and Joanne Molesky co-authors of the best selling Lean Enterprise.
    • Business value driven case studies from organisations inc. NHS (Digitial Transformation)
    •  Dan North's Lean & Agile at Scale Clinic
    • DevOps Pipeline seminar - Curated by the Accenture DevOps Team

    Whilst not an exhaustive list, the type of topics we’ll be covering include:

    • Enterprise objectives, realisation and the management there of
    • DevOps
    • Lean and Agile delivery
    • Innovation
    • Sustainability

    The target SEACON UK community is a diverse group of people who are interested in all or some of the above. Our aim is to bring people together from all backgrounds including customers, senior management, technologists, business operations and so on.

    For full event schedule and further details, visit

    See you there!

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    Date: 10 April, 2017
    Location: London, UK, United Kingdom

    Grange Tower Bridge Hotel
    London, UK United Kingdom
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