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Agile Austria Conference 2017

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    Agility is wide-spread. According to surveys 87% of organisations with IT departments world-wide use Scrum. 95% want to continue using Scrum. And more and more organisations tend to leverage a scaling framework.

    When we - the organizers - created in 2016 the idea of an agile conference in Austria, the first question was: "Why another conference about agility?". We were unsure, whether we should start planing it. Many conversations, analyses, and feedback-rounds later it was clear: It makes sense. Allthouh agility is a global movement, there are regional peculiarities. Cultural, historical, and political influence let agility shine in different colours. But one remains the same: The 4 pillars summarized in the Agile Manifesto.

    Diversity is a valuable good for continuous improvement of Scrum and other frameworks. Nevertheless, we want to remind ourselves about the original ideas. Therefore we need to understand them and help others, who are at the beginning of an agile journey, or at turning points, with adivse and agile leadership.

    Hence we chose for the Agile Austria Conference 2017 as main theme

    The Heart of Agile in the Green Heart of Europe

    Together with Scaling Agile and Agile Leadership as themes we are at the pulse of time in agile development. We are proud to present together with Alistair Cockburn, one of the co-authors of the Agile Manifesto and initiator of the Heart of Agile, an exciting, informative, and valuable event about agility in the Green Heart of Europe.

    Become part of the Agile Austria Conference 2017 and contribute to the success of this amazing conference.
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    Date: 27-28 June, 2017
    Location: Graz, Austria

    WKO Zentrum - Körblergasse 111-113
    Graz, 8010 Austria
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    Dr. Jürgen Hoffmann, CST,CEC,Educator,CTC,CSP,CSD,CSM,CSPO,REP, 5/5/2017 9:37:44 AM
    Great Event! I will be there, too.
    And we will habe a bunch of great events of the ScrumAlliance D-A-CH eV (aka German Chapter) at the conference.

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