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Transforming Your Leadership Character with Lean Thinking & Agility

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    Leadership is sought after by many and the only way to achieve sustaining change from our current state to an improved destination is to be intentional.  I propose lean thinking and agility as a set of intentional tenets to support your leadership character transformation.  In our time together we will discuss three leadership dispositions of 1) non-starter and finisher (NS&F), 2) quick starter and finisher (QS&F), and 3) resilient starter and finisher (RS&F) that limit or enable us to lead agile transformations in the organization. These leadership disposition is defined in the “Transforming Your Leadership Character: The Lean Thinking and Agility Way” book.  Further explorations of your leadership character will be supported by playing the “Agility LeaderShift” game.
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    Date: 9 November, 2016
    Location: Goleta, CA

    CMC Rescue
    6740 Cortona Dr.
    Goleta, CA
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    At the conclusion of the presentation and game you will be able to:

    ·  Discern your leadership dispositions

    ·  Apply lean thinking and agility tenets for continual leadership improvement

    ·  Plan-Do-Inspect-Adapt your leadership transformation

    ·  Use Kanban as a visual radiator and apply WIP constraints

    ·  Discover new areas to improve with Retrospectives

    ·  Play the Agility LeaderShift game to practice transforming your leadership character

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