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Scrum Coaching Retreat

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    Welcome to a new opportunity to change the world of work! Are you tired of traditional conferences with a mostly one-way presentation approach from the experts? Or of an open-space event in which you just scratch the surface of an important topic but don't ever get a chance to fully work through the new ideas? Are you an Agile zealot who can't stop exposing organizational impediments or better ways for teams to collaborate? If so, this retreat may be just what you are looking for.

    Come to beautiful Chandler, Arizona, on December 4-6, 2013, for a unique coaching retreat. You can expect this retreat to be different from any other Agile event that you have attended. We will focus on getting real work accomplished through deep and focused working sessions. Through this work, you will have an opportunity to deeply engage and collaborate with other peer coaches and mentors.
    Day 1 -- Opening Dinner
    Day 2 -- Growing the Coaching Profession -- Team Focus Sessions
    Day 3 -- Personal Growth for Coaches -- Open Space Sessions
    The idea of the retreat is for every attendee to engage in the conversations. So, we're really looking for a level of conversation, dialogue, and engagement that is beyond the normal "conference"!
    We are gathering feedback from registered attendees on suggested topics for Day 2. Some of these include:
    • Coaching executives, managers, or various other nontechnology-related groups and organizations
    • Coaching Road Map -- the gap between CSP & CSC
    • Different Types of Coaches -- Team Coach, Enterprise Coach, Organization or Business Coach
    • Facilitation Tools for Coaches
    • Coaching Assessments and Tools
    • Internal Community (aka community of practice, improvement/interest community) Development

    Last chance to register -- registration closes at end of day on November 27, 2013!
    Registration link available at

    Pre-Retreat Workshop also available:
    Change Artistry for Agile Coaches, presented by Esther Derby
    Managers have good reasons to ask the people in their organizations to change: They want to get products to market faster, reduce costs, and improve quality. Maybe you've tried to implement such a change -- only to find that people hang onto their old ways. Maybe you've asked yourself, "Why is it that people resist these reasonable requests to change?"

    More information and registration for the retreat and workshops can be found here.

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    Date: 4-6 December, 2013
    Location: Chandler, Arizona, United States

    Crowne Plaza San Marcos Golf Resort
    1 North San Marcos Place
    Chandler, Arizona 85224 United States

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