Austin Nightlife

Yes, Austin is known as the Live Music Capital of the World (more about that, I promise), but
this city offers so much more. Stand-up comedy, dancing, haunted city tours, and karaoke (ok, I
guess that is music-ish) are some ways to keep busy at night after Gathering events. Most cities
shut down at 8 o’clock. Not Austin! We stay open until 2 a.m. most nights, so bring your
caffeine; you’re gonna need it.


Okay, first up of course: live music! Austin has over 250 live music venues. Some are traditional
places like Moody Theatre, where Austin City Limits (ACL) Live is recorded, and Bass Concert
Hall. But just about every restaurant and/or bar has a stage or will move a few tables to make
room for a band to play. Heck, we couldn’t even build a Formula One track without putting in an
amphitheater for music. (Side note: The 360 Amphitheater is awesome!) Any night of the week,
you can listen to bluegrass over beers, watch rock and roll with a sunset backdrop, dance your
heart out to ska on a stage carved out of the natural limestone, groove to some Salsa at the
Farmer’s Market, or just enjoy hip hop at a club. Once we get closer to the event in May, we’ll
point you to calendars so you can plan your trip. Or just plan to walk down Sixth Street until you
hear something you like, sit down, and enjoy.

Live music may not be your thing and that’s okay. Sometimes you just want to laugh! If that’s
the case, you have great choices depending on your flavor preference. If stand-up comedy is
your favorite, I’d point you to Cap City Comedy Club. This place has varying levels of comedy
brilliance; from big names to open mic, this is your place. If a vaudevillian experience is more
your style, Esther’s Follies is my recommendation. And it’s only a few blocks from the


Maybe you’d rather get your laughs from watching bad renditions of Uptown Funk or Barracuda.
There are a number of places that have karaoke seven nights a week! Ego’s (just across the
river from #SGAUS) or Common Interest are diehard karaoke joints. If you’d rather not compete
with the regulars, you can rent a karaoke room for you and your friends at The Highball or
Austin Karaoke.

Feel like stepping out with a group? There are a ton of tours to give you a view of the city at
night: walking tours focused on local brews; haunted tours of various historic establishments;
even a boat tour. Want to trust your own two feet as your tour guide? There are a ton of
awesome places within walking distance of #SGAUS to chill on a patio with a couple of glasses
of wine, dance on the rooftops to the hottest music of the ‘80s, or a speakeasy or two if you can
figure out the location and password.


Any way you slice it, Austin will treat you well after hours and keep you dancing, singing, or
laughing into the wee hours.


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