What’s new? Call for Papers for Global Scrum Gathering Austin

Scrum Alliance’s Development Team, having heard feedback from prior Scrum Gathering speakers, has been hard at work to redesign the Call for Papers submission system. 
Stakeholders had their first view of this new internally-designed system a few months ago. With feedback and history from other platforms, we established our MVP.   We’ve also kept in mind that we need to incorporate continuous improvement suggestions.
We’re excited to announce that the first version of our Call for Papers/Submissions goes live on May 24, 2018.
Please send us your feedback on the new system, so we can continue to improve and further develop it. Stay tuned for future announcements and releases!
We now invite you to gather your information and submit your presentation ideas! Looking for topic inspiration? Here’s a sneak peek at the tracks for the Scrum Gathering in Austin:
  • Organizational Transformation
    Share your organizational transformation journey experiences. We are looking for speakers with insights in the following (and more!): What does leadership in a successful transformation look like? How do you hire good coaches? What is the role of technology? How do roles and responsibilities change? What’s needed for success?
  • Scrum in Hard Places
    If you’ve ever been told, “Scrum can’t work here” or have struggled to implement Scrum in a tough environment, we want to hear from you! This theme is for those in process, documentation, or security-heavy industries, in regulated environments, where “we’ve-always done things this way” is the ruling, or on large contracts that are not generally conducive to Scrum.
  • Strengthening the Scrum Team
    We are looking for presentations on ways ScrumMasters, Product Owners, Developers, and other Scrum Team members can become more effective in their roles. We are also looking for presentations on how Extreme Programming, Test Driven Development, Behavior Driven Development, Lean development processes, and other techniques can improve how Scrum teams work. 
  • Scrum Took Kit:
    Consider submitting talks and workshops that demonstrate use of practical tools, techniques, and games for Scrum teams. Share creative ideas on ways to strengthen team skills, increase engagement, drive business outcomes, encourage teams to perform at their highest level, or practice collaboration and communication techniques?  We want to hear from you.
  • Scrum in Unusual Places
    You’ve applied Scrum in unique situations, both at home and at work. You’ve applied the framework like how teachers apply Scrum to help students self-organize around learning goals; how HR teams use Scrum to streamline and change recruiting activities; or how other departments outside of IT (Accounting, Marketing, and Legal) use Scrum, both for new products/services and ongoing operations. 
We look forward to your submissions and feedback.
- The SGAUS NAGT News to the World Team


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