What makes a great presentation?

Hello from the North American Gathering Team (NAGT)! We thought it would be helpful for those of you tendering papers for North American Scrum GatheringSM 2019 in Austin to know what we believe makes a great submission; specifically, the criteria our review teams will be using to evaluate, and what information will give you the greatest possible chance of being selected as one of our top choices.
Our reviewers will be looking at the following items in your presentations. These are the main components and the ones that you have the most control over:
  • The TITLE should be brief, catchy, and clearly describe the session.
  • Grab attention, solve a common problem, and/or share practical knowledge with Gathering attendees.
  • We are looking for novel and creative topics. For subjects that you or others may have presented before, we are looking for new and unique ways of approaching the topic.
  • Read the THEME descriptions, as we’ll be looking to see how close your session aligns.
  • The DESCRIPTION, which may be published in the program, tells attendees why they should attend your session and what they are going to learn if they do. Make it compelling!
  • LEARNING OBJECTIVES should be clear, measurable, succinct, align with the theme, and help us understand what skills, tools, or lessons one can gain from attending your session.
  • SESSION FORMAT should clearly tell us the components of your presentation. Good things to add here include: outlines, key points, exercises, delivery format (whether it be a presentation with slides, case studies, stories, interactive workshop etc.) – essentially, how the attendee will be included in the learning. Objectives that show observable behaviors along with desired skills or knowledge work well here (for example, “Participants will be able to do the following…”).
  • SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS should provide us with information on your experience and skills, be clearly labeled, and easily downloadable.
  • Examples of materials used in the presentation are a great addition (photos, videos, pictures of flip charts, interactive exercise prompts, workbooks, etc.).
Now tell us about you
  • Have you spoken in front of a large group?
  • Do you have experience teaching or presenting at conferences?
  • More detail here is better. Do not assume that we are familiar with you or prior presentations you have shared.
  • A PERSONAL VIDEO is a great help to see your presentation style.
We hope these tips are helpful and look forward to reviewing your submission!

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