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Keeping Track: IEEE Software – Past, Present and Future


It’s hard to believe that Global SCRUM GATHERING® Minneapolis is just a short time in the future. Speaking of the future, here’s an overview of a terrific track to investigate at the conference.

Meet our Clinic and Retreat Facilitators


Coaches and Trainers Clinics are designed to help with specific challenges encountered on your way to a more Agile way of working. Organized by the training and coaching community, these free sessions are available during SGMSP18.

Welcome 2018 and Here We Go to #SGMSP18


We hope everyone was able to enjoy some relaxing family time during end-of-year festivities and holidays. Now that we’ve turned the calendar to a New Year, we’re even more excited about Global Scrum Gathering® Minneapolis 2018. Here’s our update.

We're Making Great Progress for Minneapolis


The NAGT (North American Gathering Team) had its second face-to-face meeting in Denver, Colorado on November 11 to put together the program for SGMSP18.

Planning is Well Underway


We expect Global Scrum Gathering® Minneapolis 2018 to be the largest Scrum Gathering to date! Of course, these Gatherings don’t just happen in a vacuum; much effort goes into organizing and curating an event of this size.

Your First North American Gathering Team Update


There’s a lot of work that goes into an event of this size. In fact, we’re expecting Global Scrum Gathering® Minneapolis 2018 to be the largest to date! Get to know your North American Gathering Team.

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