Your First European Gathering Team Update

Your European Gathering Team Update

Welcome to the first update from your European Gathering Team (EUGT). We’re here to keep you informed and involved about the upcoming Global Scrum Gathering® London 2018. Any feedback or suggestions? Send them to

What/Why is EUGT?

Up until now, all Scrum Alliance® Gatherings have been run by event co-chairs. Based on the need to engage more people — and share the considerable amount of work involved — Gathering teams will take over the role of the chairs after Dublin.

The first European Gathering Team is made up by the following Scrum Alliance staff and community members:

  • Nicole Belilos
  • Emily Berman (Scrum Alliance)
  • Paul Goddard
  • Alex Gray
  • Emma Hopkinson-Spark
  • Erika Massie (Scrum Alliance)
  • Lisa Reeder (Scrum Alliance)
  • Tony Richards
  • Anu Smalley

The current EUGT will work together for Global Scrum Gathering® London 2018 (yes, it’s London!). Some of the team will remain for the 2019 Gathering to ensure continuity, while some team members will be new to add fresh perspective. By the way, the location for 2019 is not yet decided, so stay tuned.

What is our goal?

As more and more companies are adopting Scrum, our community is getting more diverse. We want to shape an event that is appealing to ALL Scrum practitioners: newbies, intermediates, and experts. We want to include those inside and outside of IT, representing Scrum roles, leaders, and even those who don’t yet know Agile/Scrum can be helpful to them.

We want people to be inspired, to get better at what they are doing, to experience new things, to be able to practice stuff, to network, and to have a good time.

We especially want to attract more leaders, as well as a greater diversity of people. Diversity in everything: personal, background, field of work, interests, etc. Finally, our aim is to link the Gathering in a clearer way to the educational paths people are following (Path to CSP®, etc.), so each attendee can work on their own journey.

Benefitting all levels

Our Gatherings have always been appreciated by newcomers to Scrum. However, we want to want to make these Gatherings interesting for experts too. Our community experts usually spend most of their time at Gatherings hanging out in the corridors or volunteering, simply because of the lack of relevant content geared for their level. We want to offer sessions that are interesting to higher level practitioners, too. (Attention experts: What are you interested in? What would be exciting to you? Let us know!)

We will continue at full speed after SGDUB17, where the entire team will be in attendance. So, if you have ideas about content, speakers, awesome new stuff, new things to try, and great things to continue, come talk to us! We need your help to get to the next level of our Gatherings.

See you in Dublin,

Nicole Belilos

Member of the EUGT

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