Champions of Agile

Our invited presenters are industry thought leaders who will challenge attendees to take Agile to the next level in their organizations. Speakers will focus on how to amplify the benefits of Scrum across all industries, with an emphasis on growth through shared knowledge. Talks will cover a mix of introductory and advanced topics, ranging from enterprise retrospectives to mob programming and Agile team chartering. 

Community of Agile 

Agile User Groups across North America have nominated a breadth of topics to cover, and have chosen some of the best U.S. User Group presentations of the past 12 months. Don’t miss these sessions, which will include a mix of workshops, talks, and presentations covering subjects ranging from Scrum Values to games, to user stories.

Non-Software Scrum

Move beyond boundaries and explore Scrum for the whole organization. Most people associate Scrum with building software; yet any function, department, or discipline can benefit. Speakers will address applying Scrum to non-software products and services — from manufacturing to marketing, HR to finance. Learn how the speed and agility of Scrum practices can add value and optimize organizational performance in areas beyond IT.

Organizational Transformation

We all know the saying: The bigger the ship, the harder it is to turn. It’s a challenge facing anyone trying to transform their organization with Agile thinking and Scrum tools. Energizing stakeholders and earning consensus can be the most rewarding part of a transformation. Whatever your role, these sessions will provide you with real-world insights, case studies, and techniques for creating transformative and sustainable change. 

Playing in the Scrum Sandbox

Are you looking for a practical toolkit to help you facilitate your Scrum Team? Learn practices, tools, and games that strengthen team capabilities in ways that benefit almost any organization. Presenters will create an environment allowing ScrumMasters, team members, and Product Owners to try out tools, practice collaboration games, and dive deeply into communication techniques. 

Past, Present, and Future (IEEE)

Since the birth of Scrum and the Agile Manifesto, much has happened during the past decades, and much work is yet to be done. The industry has benefitted tremendously from the adoption of Agile and Scrum, which have changed how products and services are provided. 

While we are all curiously wondering what will happen next, what are your thoughts about the future about Agile software development? What are your current challenges and good practices to be shared with the community? What were the learning points from your past experience?

This track, Past, Present and Future, is a collaborative product between Scrum Alliance and IEEE Software. Together, we will learn from our past, examine our current status quo, and together, further enhance the industry. 


Scrum in Industry & Manufacturing: Scrum concepts bring go-to-market cycles from years to months. This track shows you how to do that. In the three-day Scrum4HW™ track, Scrum Alliance brings you experience reports, concepts and hands-on workshops to create a new basis for physical product development: if you can kick it, you can Scrum it!™.  Whether you build cars, cellphones or boats this track is for people who bring products from concept to the manufacturing plant.

Scrum in Government and Regulated Industries

If you are an agilist supporting organizational transformation in a documentation-centric world, these sessions are for you. Learn to address the unique challenges of applying Scrum in government and other regulation-heavy environments. Topics include: balancing agility while maintaining security; coping with compliance requirements when one size doesn’t fit all; cutting through bureaucracy and fostering collaboration; marrying contractual requirements with Agile alternatives; using metrics to meet regulatory reports; maintaining agility when mission priorities change; simplifying within a structured environment; and, proving to leaders that to “fail fast” is beneficial!

The Scrum Team

Delve into all things Scrum Team with these presentations for every Scrum role. ScrumMasters will learn techniques to be a true servant leader who teaches and nurtures your team to its highest potential. Product Owners can gain insights into how to work with your team — from backlog through delivery — to get the best product to market and delight your customers. Team members and Developers, see how your peers use Agile practices, and how Agile patterns and practices are leading to new ways of thinking.

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