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The Life of Scrum
Billy McLaughlin
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The Life of Scrum
Billy McLaughlin
Room: Main Auditorium
Session Type: Keynote

Billy McLaughlin shared his amazing comeback story that exemplifies the building blocks of Scrum for the first time at a Scrum event in Portugal last September. His message brought the crowd to their feet. Mixing humor, music, and lots of personal truths, Billy shows that Scrum can be for more than just the workplace. To best follow our dreams, achieve our goals, and overcome our challenges, Billy says "Live The Life of Scrum!"

Learning Objectives:

Billy McLaughlin is recognized internationally as a world-class guitarist, Emmy Award winning composer and inspirational keynote speaker who has appeared on Billboard’s Top-Ten Chart. Previously signed to Virgin Records’ Narada label, McLaughlin has 14 CD releases, 3 National Campus Entertainer of the Year Awards1, five Minnesota Music Awards and his decades of national concert touring earned him the Hall of Fame Achievement Award.

But in 1999 McLaughlin vanished from sight as his career crumbled due to a little-known neuro-muscular disorder called Focal Dystonia. After suffering several years without a cure or even a diagnosis, this right-handed guitarist embarked on an unlikely attempt to regain his career by re-learning his instrument….left-handed! His remarkable comeback is captured in the independent documentary film Changing Keys (seen on PBS stations in 2010) and a concert film called Coming Back Alive featuring McLaughlin with string orchestra and a reunion of his longtime rock band. KPBS (San Diego) produced the 2013 Emmy Award winning live concert program called Starry Night – Billy McLaughlin with Orchestra Nova highlighting McLaughlin’s extraordinary talent as both guitarist and inspirational speaker.

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