SGLON18 Themes

Creating Better Leaders
Gain knowledge and support in transforming an organisation's culture to one of autonomy, self-organisation, and continuous improvement. The goal is to continually rise above the competition while attracting and retaining top talent.

Creating Better Product Owners
Become a "product leader" in your business, through learning tools such as product strategy and road-mapping, while using Scrum to maximise your team's potential to create iterative, incremental, and innovative products.

Creating Better ScrumMasters
Learn new skills and techniques that help you become more effective change agent, and validate your role of ScrumMaster® in your world of work.

Creating Better Teams
Develop skills so each of your team members is able to take ownership of the opportunity to self-organise, as the Scrum framework suggests. Learn how to manage and get the most out of yourself, your Product Owner, and ScrumMaster®.


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Meet the European Gathering Team for Global Scrum Gathering London 2018

The European Gathering Team will ease the burden of our event volunteers while ensuring the 2018 Gathering content is innovative, actionable, and inclusive of valuable sessions for Scrum practitioners from beginners to experts.

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