Global Scrum Gathering Presentations

We hope that you enjoyed the Global SCRUM GATHERING® London 2018! Below is a listing of all speakers
[listed alphabetically by last name] who provided a presentation for their session. We will continuously update
this site as we receive speaker presentations.

Key Notes

Damian Hughes - The Psychology of Creating a High Performing Culture 

Jia Jiang - What I Learned From 100 Days of Rejection

Neil Mullarkey - Whose Scrum is it Anyway: What We Can Learn From Improv Theatre 

Paris Petgrave - Enabling Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose at the Team Level 

Tim Harford - Why Collaboration is Messy 


Allue, Xavier Quesada - Implementing Scrum for Non-Software Teams

Baker, Nigel - Project Owner as Servant Leader

Books, Indra - Focusing on Individuals and Interactions

Brown, Dan - Scrum is From Mars Kanban is from Venus

Bunning, Rowan - Five Leadership Lenses for Agile Success

Canditt, Sabine - SGLON Agile culture

Dabrytski, Pavel - Immunity of Change

Decoster, Johan - The Art of Hosting Conversations That Matter

Fasching, Georg - Learn team dynamics with Harry Potter

Harbott, Karim - Agility & Company Culture

Hartikainen, Christina - Escaping Drama Triangles

Heiramo, Petri - Behavioral Hypothesis of Team Behavior

Hicks, David - Wardley Mapping

Howard, Adrian - Points Don’t Mean Prizes

Jaising Anil - 3 Ways Dev Ops

Kasperowski, Richard - High-Performance teams: Protocols for Psych Safety and El

Koomen, Leonoor - The Ing Story

Lander, Philiy - Transform Your meeting from pointless to productive

Leigh, Warren - Changing the Way the World Sees Sport

Le Drew, John - Diversity Chocolate and Safe Cracking

Maloney, Bernie - The Answer is The Question

Malik, Zia - Challenging Limiting Beliefs

McFadyen, John - Enterprise Scrum as a Language of Options

McKenna, Iain - World Leader Pretend

Mitchell, Tamsen - Color Outside The Lines LON

Minudel, Luca - The fantastic four Continuous Delivery Coding patterns

Mulder, Marco - The Prioritization Game Pereira, Tiago - Getting to Yes

Perreau, Adrian de Pinninck - Economics of Continuous Delivery

Pichler, Roman - Balanced Product Leader

Powers, Laura - Your Brain on Change- The Neurology of Leading Change

Richter, Elisabeth - More Scrum Masters LeSS Collaboration?

Ribel, Konstantin - LeSS Adoption at BMW Group

Ryskowski, John - Team Integration

Sahota, Michael - 10 Secrets of Delivering a High-Performing Agile Organization

Sutherland, Jeff - Scrum at Scale Origins, Implementations, and Learning

Tung, Portia - Negotiate-For-Your-Life

Watts, Geoff - A Mindful Approach to Product Ownership

Weaver, Lonnie - Johnson Breaking Barriers To Unity

Wyman, Julie Mark - Grove What’s Really Going On? An Observational Skill Workshop

Zahno, Jasmine - Being Smarter Together- A Journey to Gender Diversity in Teams