We hope that you enjoyed the Global Scrum Gathering® San Diego 2017! Below is a listing of all speakers [listed alphabetically by last name] who provided a presentation for their session. We will continuously update this site as we receive speaker presentations.

Ackerman, Stacey and Ackerman, Evan - 5 Easy Ways to Get Started with Scrum at Home

Aguilar, Lorraine - A Simple Tool for Speaking Honestly and Constructively

Augustine, Sanjiv - 5 Steps to Disruptive Innovation with Hyper-Performing Teams

Baca, Sarah - Creating Courageous Cultures

Bacon, Andy - The Super Agile Satchel

Beaver, Jan - Don't Just Talk About It, Visualize Cross-Functionality!

Bode, Michael - Our Favorite Agile Board Games

Boggs, Melissa and Orrell, Simon - Organizational Catalysts: The Ebb and Flow of a Coach

Bonaker, Zach - "No one does Scrum by the book!": A Visual Technique for Assisting Scrum Adoption

Brown, Alexander - Ride the Scrum Wave to Health and Wellness (or How I used Agile Principles to Lose 40 lbs.)

Brown, Roger - The Holy Grail: How to Define Business Value

Broderick, Tricia - The Six Trumps to Increase Engagement and Learning

Clark, Jeremy - Unit Testing Makes Me Faster: Convincing Your Boss, Your Co-Workers, and Yourself

Dayley, Alan - The Leader-Follower Spectrum: Empowerment is Not Enough

Eyholzer, Fabiola - Catch - and Surf - the Agile HR Wave

Frazee, David - Business Agility at Scale

Friend, Tom - Scrum To The Stars, A Reflection of Iterative and Incremental Innovation in Aerospace

Goode, Jim and Dingess, Marie - What’s In Your Role? Elevating the ScrumMaster Role at Capital One

Granese, Steven - Ensure Sprint Success with Stories that are Ready

Green, Peter - Rediscovering the Power of the Five Scrum Values

Hawks, David - Is Your Agile a Sinking Ship? The Path to Agility Can be Its Lifesaver

Helfand, Heidi - Dynamic Reteaming: The Art and Wisdom of Changing Teams

Hendrickson, Chet and Jeffries, Ron - Implications of Enterprise Agile for Teams

Hohman, Luke - How to Conduct Enterprise Retrospectives

Holyer, Steve and Larsen, Diana - Uncovering the Path Toward Product Ownership Fluency

Johnson, Angela - ScrumMaster or Armchair Psychologist?

Justice, Joe and Sutherland, JJ - Owning the Sky With Agile

Koebler, Harald and Rosete, PhilMark - How To Build Team Safety: Your Organization’s Secret Superpower

Larman, Craig - Systems Thinking & LeSS

Maloney, Bernie - What did they *Really* want? Bottom Line Impacts of Customer Collaboration

Mancini, Maurizio and Lapointe, Martin - How to Reboot Your Agile Team!

Matarelli, Maria - Build a Car with Maria!

Matarelli, Maria and Stevens, Peter - The Power of Personal Agility: Stories and Experience Reports from the Community

Mastropasqua, Fred - Learn how to Story Map on Speed and Determine Release 1

McKenna, Jeff - What Has Contributed to Agile?

Mierson, Sheella and Lefebvre, Dan - With Sociocracy, Hierarchy Becomes Agile and Handout

Mitchell, Tamsen - Salesforce Scale: It Ain’t Whatcha Do; It’s the Way That You Do It!

Parent, Jason - Cisco and the SCRUM4HW Journey

Parnes, Mikelle and Hale, Randy - Enable your People, Culture, and Leadership to Promote Enterprise Agility

Powers, Laura - The Power of Play: Transforming Agile Teams

Phillips, Matt - Avoiding the Two-Week Waterfall: Common Scrum Pitfalls and How to Tackle Them

Pylayeva, Dana and Pratt, Mary - Growing by Sharing. Transitioning a Group to a Self-Directed Model.

Rivera, Brian "Ponch" - Build a Car with Ponch!

Rodilitz, Ben and Silas, Cherie - Outcomes vs Outputs: Using an Outcome-Focused Approach to Increase Team Effectiveness

Ryskowski, John - Synesthesia, High Performing Teams, World Rhythms, and You. Surf’s Up, Dude.

Schreuder, Jason - Reimagining Everyday Transactions: A Case Study of a Rapid Agile Transformation

Sharrock, Dave - Avoiding the Two-Week Waterfall: Common Scrum Pitfalls and How to Tackle Them

Silas, Cherie and McLain, Alicia - Connecting Practices to Principles

Sims, Chris - Your User Stories Are Too Big!

Sliger, Michele - Use the Force! Why Your Scrum Adoption Will Fail Without It

Smith, Gez - Turn Your Leaders into Servants!

Smits, Hubert - SCRUM4HW Done! (Almost)

Tanner, Jason - Product roadmapping that works!

Van Gelder, Cassandra - The Throne of Games: For Serious Gamifiers

Vizdos, Mike - Scrum in the Real World

Wynia, Paul - Why We Play

York, Jim - Where do you want to get to? A Goal-Based Approach to Succeeding with Scrum

Zuill, Woody - An Introduction to Mob Programming