We hope that you enjoyed the Global Scrum Gathering® Shanghai 2015! Below is a listing of all speakers [listed alphabetically by last name] who provided a presentation for their session. We will continuously update this site as we receive speaker presentations.

Keynote Presentations: 

Joe Justice - Scrum For Full-Scale Manufacturing

Stephen Forte - The Lean Startup and Agile: Full Circle

Manny Gonzalez -
State of Scrum

Attfield, Daniel & Hammond, Paul - The Five Dysfunctions of an Improvised Comedy Troupe

Bednarikova, Lenka - Let the right one in - Recruiting for Scrum

Brown, Ebony Nicole - Helping Agile Transformations with ADKAR

Brown, Ebony Nicole - Scrum in a Chicago High School Biology Class [Flash Talk]

Burman, Otto - Scrum as a Pedagogical Tool in Vocational Education in Finland

Burra, Sekhar - Coaching Anti-Patterns and Common Smells

Butt, Mohammad Nafees - Lessons Learned from Scrum Adoption in Saudi Arabia

Butt, Mohammed Nafees - The Hardware Hasn't Arrived Yet [Flash Talk]

Bysouth, Stephanie - Scrum Values Playbook - Where Synergy Begins

Chik, Michael - Rise and Downfall of a Large Scale Scrum Implementation​

Chong, James - Practical Reporting Metrics for Agile Projects

Dabrytski, Pavel - Scrum Economics: Contracts, Budgets, Capitalization

Doiron, Daniel - Sun Tzu and the Art of War: Applied and Scalable Simplicity for Medium Sized SCRUM

Friend, Tom - Scrum Team CRM: Aviation Crew Resource Management Techniques for Scrum Teams

Huang, Ethan - Toolbox for Agile Coaches - When Working With Your People

Huang, Zhe - Tricks On Distributed Scrum Team [Flash Talk]

Hummel, Anderson - Learning 3.0 - Relearning to Learn

Li, Bill, Shen, Jacky - Applying Impact Map to Create a Role Competence Model of the Product Development Eco-system

Li, Qingyu - My Scaled Agile Journey: LeSS

Lopez-Stuit, Jeff - The Exorcist Was a Sprint Planning Master [Flash Talk]

Lv, Yi - LeSS is Natural

Mahe, Sylvain - The Facilitator's Toolkit: 12 Tools to Get Results and Build a Team! 

Nyman, Ran - Scaling Agility Explored

Okoro, John - Exploring Approaches and Challenges in Enterprise Agile Scaling

Papini, David - Escape Top Emotional Intelligence Traps and Hack Team Culture

Pekkaya, Emre - Empowering Teams for the Best Architectures, Requirements, and Designs​

Qiao, Bin - How do self-organization live up to and not live up to agile transformation? [Flash Talk]

Rastogi, Gaurav - 'Villager Mafia'  - An Activity to Promote 'Transparency'

Rastogi, Gaurav - 'Why' Is Important than 'How' [Flash Talk]

Shah, Kalpesh - If your User Story Came Alive!!!

Shiffer, Bernd - Concrete Experimentation in Scrum

Tao, Terri - Smart Devices Fast Iteration

Tian, Evelyn - Experience the Power of Coaching in an Agile Context

Turner, Stuart - High-Energy Agile Transformation using Open Space Technology

Villanueva, Gil - From Scrum But to Scrum Plus

Wang, Jim - My journey to become a CST​ [Flash Talk]

Wang, Jim - Back to the Basic - "How do Both Process Improvement and Quality Assurance Work in Scrum Framework?"

Wang, Andy - Agile from the other end of the phone line: Successful Agile in distributed teams

Wang, Wei - Agile as a Mindset

Xu, Yi - Developing Internal Agile Coaches​

Xu, Yi - Developing Internal Agile Coaches (Mandarin)

Open Space Sessions

Daniel (Chao) Deng's Session

Daniel Doiron's Session

David (Wei) Zhao's Session

Yi Xu's Session