Global SCRUM GATHERING® Phoenix 2015 Presentations

We are excited to see you at the Global SCRUM GATHERING® Phoenix 2015. Below is a listing of all speakers [listed alphabetically by last name] who provided a presentation for their session. We will continuously update this site as we continue to receive speaker presentations.

Alaimo Martin & Lewitz Olaf - Great Coaching Conversations

Angel, Skip & Watt, Richard - The Naked History of the Agile Transformation Industry

Brown, Alexander - Scrum at Scale - Free yourself from the myth of one-size-fits-all scaling
Addtional Materials - Posted, Teaser

Caspar, Mike and Brad Swanson - Better Portfolio Prioritization with the Lean Canvas

Cheng, Richard - Pecha Kucha: So You Want to Be a Scrum Trainer

Cyment, Alan - Pecha Kucha: A Sip of Organic Agility a Day Keeps Stale Scrum Away

Dayley, Alan - Freedom to Align: The Product Wall Release Planning Workshop

Fair, Jason - Step Away From the Waterfall: You Really Can Use Agile on ERP Projects!

Fewell, Jesse - Can You Hear Me Now? Working With Global, Distributed, Virtual Teams

Garrido, Marcos - Empowerment 5: Myths and How To Get There!

Green, Peter - Pecha Kucha: Changing the World of Work - Agile, Lean and In Between

Hartman, Bob - How to have "agile" conversation with manager and executives

Hawks, David - The Role of a Coach starts with building Team Trust & Alignment

Holyer, Steve & Carlton Nettleton - Don't Crash. Soar!  It's never too late to launch your team towards success

Justice, Joe & Alexander Brown - Scrum for Full-Slace Manufacturing - PART 1, PART 2

Kanann, Alexander - The Holy Grail ... How to Ignite the Agile Community in your Backyard!

Kilbourne, Scotty - Follow the Yellow Brick road

Lans, Kristen - An experiment in self-organization at the Wikimedia Foundation

Lefebvre, Dan - Great Teams Deliver! How to Get Them Started on the Right Foot

Leren Sara & Dominques, Ingrid - Impact-driven Scrum Delivery

Lowman, Leslie - Everybody Out of the Pool - Agile Teams and Dedication

Maynes, Adele - Pecha Kucha: Pitching Scrum to Rebels and Skeptics

McConnell, Patrick - Service Leadership: The other 50% of being a Scrum Master

Medinilla, Angel - Unicorns, Krakens, Self-Organizing Teams and Other Mythological Beasts

Panchal, Dhaval - Pecha Kucha: Why Estimates Make Me Frown?

Papini, David - Escape top emotional intelligence traps and create freedom in teams

Pazin, Dejan - Freedom from Broken Values

Phillips, Matt - Free-range Chickens and Other Agile Habitats

Quartel, Ron - Focus! The key to a winning climbing team and scrum team

Rajpal, Mark - Overcoming Challenges in Distributed Agile

Richards, Arthur - Distributed Agile Development or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Remoties

Sahota, Michael - Pecha Kucha: People over Process

Sims, Chirs - Active Listening For Scrum Masters

Shafer, Hart & Green, Peter - Building Better Backlogs Using Hypotheses and Experiments

Smalley, Anu - Pecha Kucha: Product Owner Must BE's

Smalley, Anu - The DNA of an Innovative Product Owner

Sirias, Carlos - Growing a Scrum Craftsman: An Apprentice Journey

Sochova, Zuzi - Mastering Retrospective

Stallmann, Wayde - Boring Meetings Suck: Play Games to Improve Them & Your Team

Stevens, Peter - Pecha Kucha: My Agile Suitcase

Swanson, Brad - Pecha Kucha: Getting Your Team from Good to Great

Tanner, Jason - Business Models, Pivots, Architechure and Agility