Global SCRUM GATHERING® New Orleans 2014 Presentations

We hope you enjoyed your time at the Global SCRUM GATHERING® New Orleans 2014. Below is a listing of all speakers [listed alphabetically by last name] who provided a presentation for their session. 

Keynote Videos

Ahlander, Arne- The Listening ScrumMaster

Banda, Juan- Assembling Scrum Teams: A Nonviolent Story

Baker, Nigel- Using Kano AND Scrum to Learn more about Scrum!

Barr, Brian & Naeem Hussain - Hop Onto the Release Orientation Trolley

Cheng, Richard- A Roadmap for (Agile) Engineering Best Practices- What Every Non- Technical Person Needs to Know

Cheng, Richard- You be the Coach! Agile for Non-IT at our Organization

Dolman, Richard & Steve Spearman- Smart Scaling: Finding the righ approach for Enterprise Agile

Dunn, Sean- Mission Command: Scaling Product Management in an Agile Organization

Galen, Bob- Exploring Scrum of Scrums as a Scaling Vehicle

Gariddo, Marcos & Rafael Sabbagh- Facilitation Techniques for Effective ScrumMasters

Goddard, Paul- Collaborating with Comedy

Green, Peter- The Agile Planning Mindset: Estimating and forecasting a release with a real backlog

Greening, Daniel- Metric-Driven Enterprise Coaching

Hawks, David & Brad Swanson- Lean Startup + Story Mapping + Awesome Products Faster!

Kailasam, Rajeswari & Amitaksha Nag - Net-Map: A tool to enable visibility of your complex organizational networks

Kasperowski, Richard- Power Games

Mallor, Tom & Carissa Kutz, Dan Arnfield- Product Owner and Scrum Success in a Traditional Organization

Mason, Shannon- Love Agile: Life in Scope

McConnell, Patrick- Coaching Like "Columbo": Simple Questions to Start Tough Conversations

Mills, Judith, Priyanka Sharma & Debra Feltoe - Culture a "Silent Language" - Learn it to make Scrum successful

Morse, Leslie- Scrum in Context: Exploring the end-to-end SDLC Value Stream

Patti, Don & David Bulkin- Long Term Adaptive Release Planning with Scrum

Pinon, Charlles & Luciana Silva- Game theory and techniques applied to an Agile Product Vision creation

Pollard, Allison- Beyond Removing Impediments- SM as a Team Coach

Pylayeva, Dana & Brian Beecham - Chocolate, Lego and Scrum Jambalaya

Quartel, Ron- Incremental Delivery and Emergen Design in Action. An exercise in delivering working software from sprint one through sprint X

Rubin, Ken- The Concept of Economically Sensible Scrum

Sims, Chris- Your Stories Are Too Big!

Sliger, Michele - Facilitation & Communication in Agile Teams

Stelzer, Melinda- Jazzin the Duo- How to succcessfully introduce pair programming to your organization

Stephan, Fadi- The Agile Dashboard

Strong, Craeg- Converting A Successful FBI Program From Waterfall to Agile

Swanson, Brad & David Hawks- Getting Your Agile Team from Good to Great

Sun, Ni- Creole Cottage- Constructive Pattern for building a Scrum Master community and continuous improvemnt of a new agile organization

Tanner, Jason- Teaching Scrum to Management

Waggoner, Chris & Adnan Aziz - Exploit Core Scrum Practices at the Program Level

Warnert, Natalie & Leslie Morse- Can A Definition of Ready Make Scrum "The Big Easy"

West, Garrick & Tina Ostrander- Jump-Starting the Agile Mindset: Bringing Scrum & XP into College Software Projects

Wise, Timothy- Enabling Distributed Agile Teams

Vallone, Joe- Applying Organizational Change and Leadership to Agile Transformations

Verkaik, Els - Get an Agile mindset with NLP