Room: Potsdam I
Open Space - Opening the Space
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Open Space - Opening the Space
Room: Room: Potsdam I
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Days one and two of the Scrum Gathering are all about great sessions. They’re about learning new things. On the third day of the Gathering, you’re invited to help our community realize untapped potential. In what ways can we infuse even more passion into Scrum? Perhaps you need help with a specific challenge you’re facing like using Scrum at work to develop software with your team, or you have a fantastic idea for improving user stories. Maybe you have an idea you want to bounce off like-minded folks for using Scrum to help schools or nonprofits in your community.  Since you care about Scrum, you have the skills, insight, and experience that are essential to make it better. And, if we're passionate, we might even be able to help the world outside of software. Regardless, we’ll help each other move Scrum forward.

Bring: your ideas, concerns, and challenges.

Find: your friends, mentors, and collaborators.

Leave with: a plan, purpose, and even more passion than that with which you arrived.
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