Room: Potsdam I/III
Closing Keynote
Speaker: Richard Sheridan
Title: The Business Value of Joy
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Closing Keynote
Speaker: Richard Sheridan
Title: The Business Value of Joy
Room: Room: Potsdam I/III
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The Business Value of Joy
Joy in the context of business sounds ridiculous, and would be except for one important glaring fact: it produces measurable, repeatable, and sustainable results. Learn why from the founder, CEO, and Cheif Storyteller and author Richard Sheridan.

Within an industry known for missed deadlines, poor quality, "death march" processes and user experiences that requireDummies books to explain, this talk will deliver the hope of a better way. Attendees who attend agile and scrum conferences are searching for  tangible examples from which to sample and learn. This talk will deliver inspiration and practical takeaways.

Agile methodologies practiced The Menlo Way™ since 2001 are both joyful and disciplined. In this session, Sheridan will share from him personal experiences about the effects of physical space on team energy and engagement, the benefit of simple paper-based project management tools to foster better sponsor relationships, the power of systematic pairing in creating a learning organization that render towers of knowledge and Brooks' Law quaint challenges of the past.

Sheridan will discuss the cultural norms that remove fear and encourage experimentation; you'll hear about the elimination of meetings and the rituals and ceremonies that replace them. Learning Objectives: 1) Design a culture with the right team and leadership in a learning environment; 2) create client involvement; 3) define your environment by joy in an open and collaborative culture and 4) create delightful user experiences.


From kid programmer in 1971 to Forbes cover story in 2003, author, CEO and Chief Storyteller Richard Sheridan has never shied from challenges, opportunities nor the limelight. While his focus has always been around technology, his passion is actually process, teamwork and organization deisgn, with one inordinately popular goal: the business value of joy! Sheridan is an avid reader and historian, and his software design and developmental team at Menlo Innovations didn't invent a new culture, but copied an old one ... Edison's Menlo Park New Jersey lab. Henry Ford's recreation of the Menlo Park Lab in Greenfield Village was a childhood inspiration!

Some call it agile, some call it lean ... Sheridan and his team call it joyful. And it produces results ... business and otherwise. Five Inc. magazine revenue growth awards, invites to the White House, speaking engagements around the nation, numerous articles and culture awards and so much interest they are doing more than a tour a day of the Menlo Software Factory™ for thousands who make the trek to Ann Arbor, Michigan each year. In Sheridan's recently published book Joy, Inc. he shares what he has learned about the effect of a culture focused on joy. The book was recently named Management Book of The Year by 800-CEO-READ, and Menlo Innovations was name The Most Joyful Company in America by Inc. magazine.

Learning Objectives:
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