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Keynote- Open Agile Adoption
Dan Mezick
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Keynote- Open Agile Adoption
Dan Mezick
Room: Bagatelle & Auteuil
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The Agile journey may be best characterized as a tribal rite of passage. Those who are taking the next step always do so as a group. During the journey, all the participants share the same basic status. Successful participants find themselves in a new and very unfamiliar place. And lastly, anyone who wants to complete the journey must also be willing to leave many things behind.

  • In tribal societies, passage rites from start to finish are led by a “master of ceremonies.”
  • Is the modern journey into Agile actually a passage rite… for modern tribes?
  • Is the ScrumMaster in fact the master of ceremonies in a modern rite of passage for teams and organizations?
In this session, together we explore the surprising answer. We also explore how to specifically leverage Open Space as a tool for helping to create authentic and lasting Agile adoptions. Mezick is an authority on culture, self-management, and self-organizing teams. An expert on culture design and business agility, Dan’s client list includes Zappos Insights, CIGNA Insurance, and hundreds of smaller organizations.

Applying Agile practices since 2006 and coaching teams and organizations since 2008, Daniel is the author of “The Culture Game: Tools for the Agile Manager.” Describing 16 proven patterns of group-learning behavior derived from Agile, the book also provides a proven way to spread these learning patterns throughout the wider culture of your entire organization.

Daniel is a founder and executive coach at, a team of Agile coaches based in Boston, MA, U.S. He is also the founder of, one of the largest Agile user groups in the U.S.

You can reach Daniel by mail via, by phone at (203) 915-7248, on Twitter via @DanMezick, and on the web at
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