Paris 2013 Keynote Videos

Day 1: Opening Keynote with Henrik Kniberg

Culture > Process, presented by Henrik Kniberg

Day 2: Keynote with Dan Mezick

Open Agile Adoption, presented by Dan Mezick

Day 3: Closing Keynote with Dario Nardi


Paris 2013 Presentations

Speakers who provided a presentation for their session are listed below. 

A War Story of the Rise and Fall of an "Agile" Company, presented by Jan De Baere

A Case Study - When Things Go Badly Wrong with Agile Transformation Programmes: The Pitfalls of a Torrid Marriage, presented by Naveed Ghaffar

Agile A La Mode? The Long-Term Viability of an Agile Culture in France, presented by Petra Skapa, Mack Adams

Agile Devil's Workshop: Lessons in Killing Agility, presented by Madhur Kathuria

Agile in a Beauty Salon, it is possible!, presented by Pavel Dabrytski

Agile Transformation across Multiple Businesses across Euromoney Institutional Investor, presented by David Hicks, Ken Lehmann, Rod Kesterton

Agile yes, by why?, presented by Klaus Bucka-Lassen

Agility, Hypnosis & Creativity, presented by Irwin Fletcher

Badgile, presented by Leon-Cosmin Lupu

Barbarians at the gate - Scrum meets product management after the PMO, presented by Jarno Vahaniitty, Santeri Korri

Better Conflict Resolution, Communication, Behaviour Change, and Decision Making by Understanding your Mind - The Most Complex and Powerful Decision Making System, presented by Steve Clymer

Building Agile Data Warehouse, presented by Nimesh Soni

Changing Cultural DNA with Spiral Dynamics to become thoroughly Agile, presented by Dajo Breddels

Changing Culture from the Top: Radical Management in Practice, presented by Simon Roberts, Patrick Dickhaut [Additional Prezi link]

Combat Agile, presented by Steve Johnson

Cultural Change, should we even bother?, presented by Gideon Zondervan

Culture > Process, presented by Henrik Kniberg

Culture eats Agile for breakfast: lessons learned in Europe and Africa, presented by Dr. Siegfried Kaltenecker, Peter Hundermark

Disruptive Innovations & fast feedback cycles - product management is facing new challenges stepping towards an innovation and learning culture, presented by Nils Bernert

Effects-driven Scrum development using Business Impact Maps, presented by Sara Lerén

Essential Scrum Developer Practices, presented by David Bernstein

Financial Services Agile Adoption Clinic, lessons learned from leading Agile adoption in the UK's biggest banking groups, presented by Adrian Potter

How can NLP help to get an Agile mindset?, presented by Els Verkaik

Inner Innovation: Personal Growth for Agile People, presented by Peter Moreno

Kano AND Scrum = Learning, presented by Nigel Baker

Learn different leadership styles with Star Wars Coaches, presented by Bruno Sbille

Learning from Agile: Towards New Product Subscription Landscape on Cloud, presented by Priyanka Pundhir

No easy road to freedom: Building tomorrow's workforce and learner/teacher capabilities through conceptualising Agile Pedagogy in Education, presented by Royle Karl, Jasmina Nikolic

Open Agile Adoption, presented by Dan Mezick

Reduce risk and increase buy-in with non-technology Scrum adoptions, presented by Anthony Montgomery, Jeff Davis

Removing cultural barriers in an Agile Team, presented by Luis Castro

Scrum for Hardware and Co-Design, presented by Timo Punkka

Scrum meets Management 3.0 - how to apply the latest mangament ideas to strengthen Scrum, presented by Arne Ahlander

Scrum Team that Harmonizes, presented by Robie Wood, Jody Wood

Selling Scrum Transformation in a Rol-driven Organization, presented by Dr. Arpad Zsolt Bodo, Istvan Margetin

Servant Leadership across cultures, presented by Greg Hutchings

Shifting Culture from "Us and Them" to "How can we help?", presented by Tom Howlett

Show me the money, or: how to pay employees in an agile organization, presented by Christof Braun

Soft(ware) ball, presented by Olivier Azeau

Step Away from the Waterfall: You Really Can Use Agile on ERP Projects, presented by Jason Fair

Test Automation Strategy and Practices for Scrum Projects, presented by Eliane Collins

The Agile Girl Scouts, presented by Dave Prior & Karen Prior

The SCRUM and the willpower: how neuroscience can boost your productivity, presented by Anna Obukhova

The Systemic Consensus Principle - A New Decision Making Culture, presented by Dr. Karl Kollischan

The Ups and Downs of Cultural Diversity, presented by Glenn Smith

To Be SNIPer, presented by Daniel Teng

Training from the back of the room, presented by Jef Cumps, Kris Phillipaerts

Trial and Error to Finding Lean Success Across Distributed Environments, presented by Leonardo Mattiazzi

TRUST: A crucial ingredient for being successful with Scrum, presented by Dr. Sallyann Freudenberg, Ken Clyne

Two Cultures, One Goal, presented by Hong Xiang

Understanding how non-IT Scrum helps raise productivity, boost profits: An IAD framework perspective, presented by Anthony Montgomery

Understanding team dynamics by understanding the brain, presented by Jukka Lindstrom

Unity in diversity - ScrumCoach/ScrumMaster in INDIAN IT service company, presented by Maris
Prabhakaran Mariappan

User Experience in an Agile World, presented by Laurie Roshak

What Organisational Culture am I working with and how Agile is it?, presented by Rowan Bunning

What's in behavioural traits of an agile team?, presented by Nancy Sharma

Whole-Team Dynamic Organizational Modeling, presented by Raj Mudhar, Catherine Louis

Worlds Apart in One Team - Exploring Intercultural Agility, presented by Nicole Belilos, Jenni Jepsen