13:00 - 14:15 - 75-Minute Sessions

Organizations Cannot Transform or Compete Externally Until They Can Collaborate Internally: An Introduction to Radical Collaboration
Bob Sarni
Room: 101 A/J
Track: Organizational Transformation

Session Type: Workshop (75 Minutes) - BEGINNER
Summary: Collaboration, or lack of it, can make or break a transformation effort. Most collaboration fails because of ineffective human interaction.
Learning Objectives:
  • Better understand how to build more collaborative environments
  • Learn to deal more effectively with your own defensiveness
  • Become more effective at building and maintaining collaborative working relationships

Comparing Effective Team Structures for Value Delivery
Tamara Runyon
Room: 101 B/I
Track: Playing in the Scrum Sandbox

Session Type: Workshop (75 Minutes) - BEGINNER
Summary: A fun activity to show the value of colocated feature teams vs. component teams and distributed teams. ScrumMasters and Agile coaches can use this with teams and managers to help with team structure.
Learning Objectives:
  • Identify effective Scrum team structures
  • Compare value delivery from traditional hand-offs (separate teams) vs. component teams with integration vs. feature teams
  • Compare results for on-shore vs. off-shore teams in each team structure

Agile Compliance with Federal Regulations
Jimi Fosdick
Room: 101 C/H
Track: Scrum in Government and Regulated Industries

Session Type: Workshop (75 Minutes) - INTERMEDIATE
Summary: This is a shorter version of workshops I've done for both federal government agencies and vendors working in the highly regulated industries of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and DoD IT/SW projects.
Learning Objectives:
  • Be able to name the parts of the CFR and FAR that pertain to most Agile projects
  • Point to the most recent guidelines issued by government agencies related to Agile delivery
  • Identify at least three mistakes in their organization’s internal interpretation of government regulation

Building Your Visual Facilitation Skills
Leonardo Monteiro de Miranda
Room: 101 D/G
Track: Playing in the Scrum Sandbox

Session Type: Workshop (75 Minutes) - INTERMEDIATE
Summary: Visual facilitation is the use of visual artifacts to lead groups and individuals toward a goal. It's used to communicate ideas in a clear and meaningful way.
Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the language and the power of visual thinking
  • Be able to translate thoughts and ideas into visual representations
  • Build your own visual symbol library
  • Understand different ways and flows to structure information
  • Make drawing a daily habit
  • Learn visualization tools and materials
  • Go digital

Five Common Unconscious Biases Affecting Your Product Development
Catherine Louis
Room: 101 E/F
Track: The Scrum Team

Session Type: Workshop (75 Minutes) — EXPERT
Summary: When designing products that people use — or when trying to uncover what’s wrong with our workplace — studying the decisions we make is critical. Surprise! Many of our decisions are not made consciously. 
Learning Objectives:
  • Learn about the Ikea Effect and its relationship to the Sunk Cost fallacy
  • How testing is affected by Confirmation Bias
  • How the latest Change Brouhaha might be just another Bandwagon Effect
  • Finally, understand how the Affinity Bias can even affect your team composition and your ability to connect 

Agile Antipatterns: The Agilist's Guide to Traps, Tripwires, and Treachery
Adam Weisbart
Room: 200 A/J
Track: Organizational Transformation

Session Type: Workshop (75 Minutes) — INTERMEDIATE
Summary: Discover tools to defuse common Agile antipatterns collected from around the world that, if left unchecked, can destroy the chances of delivering value for both your team, and your organization as a whole.
Learning Objectives:
  • Learn about tools to combat common antipatterns
  • Learn how to put these tools to use right away
  • Listen to solutions other participants have created based on the Agile principles and their real world experiences
  • Leave this session with an action plan for addressing your antipatterns

Facilitation Dojo
Andreas Schliep
Room: 200 B/I
Track: The Scrum Team

Session Type: Workshop (75 Minutes) - INTERMEDIATE
Summary: We will provide this facilitation dojo as a platform for safe learning and exchange about facilitation techniques, pitfalls, and secrets.
Learning Objectives:
  • Provide an engaging and inspiring environment for an event
  • Deal with disturbances and interruptions
  • Address conflicts and help the parties navigate through them
  • Collect ideas and organize them into topics
  • Understand the origin of the word facilitate and live up to it

Using Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) for Organizational Transformation Success
Brett Palmer and Scott Dunn
Room: 200 C/H
Track: Organizational Transformation

Session Type: Workshop (75 Minutes) - EXPERT
Summary: Learn how one aerospace company has transformed with Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS). Tips, tricks, and pitfalls will be covered, based on our experience coaching executive leadership as well as the teams. 
Learning Objectives:
  • Explain Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS): Examine reasons why LeSS is an effective choice to consider for an organizational transformation
  • Identify ways leadership and management must change to effectively support the transformation effort
  • Describe common anti-patterns in enterprise Agile adoptions

Growing Your Facilitation Skills
Richard Lawrence
Room: 200 D/G
Track: Playing in the Scrum Sandbox

Session Type: Workshop (75 Minutes) - INTERMEDIATE
Summary: Facilitation is likely a key part of your job - but few people have intentionally developed this skill. Come to this session to learn and practice nine skills to take your facilitation to the next level.
Learning Objectives:
  • Explain the role of the facilitator and why it matters
  • Prepare yourself to facilitate neutrally
  • Articulate a clear, motivating purpose for your meeting
  • Start and end a meeting well
  • Structure a meeting to get to a shared decision
  • Choose the right facilitation tools

Scrum in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Paolo Sammicheli
Track: Scrum4Hardware

Session Type: Talk (45 Minutes) - EXPERT
Summary: The Fourth Industrial Revolution requires a very short time to market and a delightful user experience. Using Scrum in Hardware development, you'll archive the required  business agility to win.
Learning Objectives: