15:45 - 16:45 - Keynotes and Closing

Introduction to Flawless Executionâ„  (FLEX), an Agile Methodology Alignment Meta-Framework

Joel “Thor” Neeb

As an F-15 pilot, Joel "Thor" Neeb escorted the U.S. President through the sky and flew missions to ensure the safety of the country after the 9/11 attacks. He was the tactical leader of 300 of the most senior combat pilots in the Air Force and he oversaw the execution of a $150M/year flight program. Thor was named the Top Instructor Pilot at Air Force Flight Training Headquarters, and he’s flown thousands of missions teaching pilots from 25 countries around the world. He received his bachelor’s degree at the United States Air Force Academy and is a summa cum laude graduate of the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas. As Afterburner’s president, Thor leads a team of more than 70 former elite military professionals who apply high-performance team planning and execution skills to some of the largest and most successful businesses globally. He has helped achieve strategic objectives and foster elite teams for Fortune 100 companies within the tech industry, pharmaceuticals, finance, medical devices, retail apparel, and several NFL teams.

Room: Grande Ballroom


Learn how Flawless Executionâ„  can be used across the enterprise as an Agile alignment meta-framework that aligns centralized planning and decentralized execution for a remarkably workable Agile business solution.

A recent Harvard Business Review survey of more than 400 global CEOs found that executional excellence was the number-one challenge facing corporate leaders, from a list of 80 issues. The top reason for poor execution is poor alignment between business strategy and initiative prioritization. Agile practices and frameworks are not sufficiently addressing the alignment issue in an easily repeatable manner.

Find out how Flawless Execution fills this executional excellence alignment gap:

  • Flawless Execution is an easy-to-learn alignment framework. It can span an enterprise’s existing frameworks and processes to meet threats and opportunities as they emerge without adding more process weight.
  • Flawless Execution is the lightest, most minimally invasive of all the Agile frameworks.
  • Organizational alignment provided through FLEX meets disruption head-on and fosters a culture that thrives in complex, unpredictable, and rapidly changing environments.

FLEX is adaptive, transparent, collaborative, and responsive. Its light, fast, and nimble focus is the essence of agility.