14:45 - 15:30 - 45-Minute Sessions

"No one does Scrum by the book!": A Visual Technique for Assisting Scrum Adoption
Zach Bonaker
Room: Harbor Island 2
Track: As the tides transform, a new journey awaits

Session Type: Talk [Beginner]
Summary: We often hear, "No one does Scrum by the book!" Must it be that way? Try this visual technique to assess, focus, and enrich your Scrum adoption!
Learning Objectives:

Visualize all the things!

Just like developing software, many components and behaviors of the Scrum framework are hard to see!

This session teaches us a simple way to make our growth with Scrum visible, further enriching our conversations about organizational change.

Learn how to use visual management to generate a collaborative assessment, focus attention on critical needs, and create shared understanding!

5 Steps to Disruptive Innovation with Hyper-Performing Teams
Sanjiv Augustine
Room: Grande C
Track: Life's a Wave: CATCH IT

Session Type: Talk [Advanced]

Disruptive innovation is creating new products and services, operating existing ones, and trading out non-performing ones for sustained value.

Learning Objectives:
  • Innovation Pipeline Management
  • Agile Budgeting and Incremental Funding
  • Hyper-Performing Standing Teams
  • Product Discovery and Lean Experimentation
  • High-Performance Agile Engineering

From Scrum to Kanban: Our Journey
Scott MacIntyre
Room: Nautilus 3
Track: Agile Community

Session Type: Talk [Advanced]
Summary: After a “Scrum Plateau,” we chose to adopt Kanban. Starting with our original process, we’re incrementally pursuing change.
Learning Objectives:
  • What Kanban is (and is not!)
  • Steps to implement Kanban at a project or team level
  • What to watch out for

How To Build Team Safety: Your Organization’s Secret Superpower
Harald Koebler and PhilMark Rosete
Room: Nautilus 5
Track: As the tides transform, a new journey awaits

Session Type: Talk [Advanced]
Summary: We overlook team safety and the benefits that come with it. Explore how to measure safety, why it’s important, and how to improve it.
Learning Objectives:

The participants will:

  • Gain understanding of what safety is.
  • Experience how to measure team safety.
  • Create awareness of safety levels within a team.
  • Learn intervention tactics to increase safety levels when they are low.
  • Understand why your team/organization should incorporate it.

Owning the Sky With Agile
Joe Justice and JJ Sutherland
Room: Spinnaker

Session Type: Talk [Advanced]
Summary: Learn how to build a jet fighter faster, cheaper, and better with Scrum, and how the JAS 39E Saab Gripen was built from the ground up with Agile.
Learning Objectives:
  • Specific techniques Saab uses to scale and synchronize multiple teams
  • How to enable control and still provide degrees of freedom for individual progress to enhance autonomy and self organization
  • How Saab focuses every day on continuous improvement across the organization
  • How Saab manages variability in scope and drives management

Salesforce Scale - It Ain't Whatcha Do; It's the Way That You Do It!
Tamsen Mitchell
Room: Nautilus 4
Track: Life’s a Wave: CATCH IT

Session Type: Talk [Advanced]

In 2016, Salesforce celebrated 10 years of their scaled Agile approach. Learn from our failures and the culture and methods we have nurtured.

Learning Objectives:
  • Steal the recipe for our secret sauce.
  • Learn which frameworks we have tried and how we have modified them.
  • Explain failures and successes of each framework based on our experience.
  • Understand the current models we use in our scaled model.

The Six Trumps to Increase Engagement and Learning
Tricia Broderick
Room: Harbor Island 1
Track: You can’t stop the wave, but you can learn to surf

Session Type: Talk [Beginner]
Summary: Are people dreading attending meetings and trainings? Stop the madness. Incorporate brain science based techniques to increase results.
Learning Objectives:

The Six Trumps (Sharon Bowman): Difference, Writing, Images, Talking, Movement, Shorter.

What Has Contributed to Agile?
Jeff McKenna
Room: Nautilus 1-2
Track: Champions of Agile

Session Type: Talk [Advanced]
Summary: Historical exploration of the past, present, and future of Agile/Scrum.
Learning Objectives:
Understand the long view of Agile/Scrum from a historical perspective.

What's in your role? Elevating the ScrumMaster role at Capital One
Jim Goode and Marie Dingess
Room: Harbor Island 3
Track: You can’t stop the wave, but you can learn to surf

Session Type: Talk [Advanced]

We will share our journey to grow our ScrumMasters past ceremony facilitation into team coaches who focus on outcomes and team performance.

Learning Objectives:

Attendees will learn the complexities of raising expectations for Scrum Masters in a way that:

  • Encourages growth in a positive manner
  • Allows department lines some level of autonomy
  • Strengthens the ScrumMaster community
  • Involves everyone (leadership, managers, ScrumMasters, and engineers)