09:15 - 10:00 - Tuesday Mashup: 5 Talks at 9 Minutes Each

Making Lives Better
Chris Li
Grande Ballroom

A big part of what drives me is the positive impact that someone can have on another person. When I get out of bed each morning, I think about how I can improve the lives of others. Developing others and seeing them develop into something more really gets me charged up, and is something I talk about regularly in my classes. This drives me in all of my actions and is something I'd really like to share with the conference.

Passionately Steering Our Company via Open Space Technology
Ronica Roth
Grande Ballroom

What can happen when passionate leaders come together to collaboratively steer the business. Passionate open space sessions as core to how we (Rally, and now our BU Value Stream at CA) steer our whole business. As an agile company (not just agile product development or R&D), we hold quarterly steering meetings in which leaders from across the business come together to see the whole of our business, develop shared understanding of our strategy and current challenges/opportunities, and commit to the company initiatives (above and beyond departmental work) that will help us succeed in that strategy. (When we were Rally, these meetings included the top 20% of leadership in the company. So, when we reached 500 employees, these meetings included 100 participants.)

As a part of these meetings, we use Open Space Technology in the afternoon, so that the group can decide what conversations need to occur in order for us to get to decisions.

I've been both facilitator and participant in these meetings for years. Those open space sessions have been some of the most passionate, exciting collaborations I've ever seen. A few stories will illustrate different flavors of these sessions--short-term problem-solving, debates about our longer-term strategy (I love that people weren't afraid to take a long view), imagining the future and having the customer in the room tell you how wrong you are. The democracy at work--the CTO was never listened to any more or less than the engineering manager or accounting director in the room. Arguments about True North for the year. Passionate debates about how to limit corporate WIP.

Through the stories, I would describe what has made this work--what in our culture, the role of excellent facilitation. And how--having matured these practices--we've been able to bring them to the larger Business Unit we are not part of at CA Technologies.

It Takes More Than Passion…
Brian Rivera
Grande Ballroom

Intended outcome: Using the circular set-up of the room, “Ponch” will build a mental map of key locations in San Diego and how they connect to today’s Scrum and Agile practices. Expect to hear several anecdotes that describe why it takes more than passion to become a member of a high-performing team.

San Diego provides a unique backdrop for this topic as the city is home to the most recognizable high-reliability organization, several iconic high-performing teams, and is the former home to a school recognized for teamwork. Attendees will walk away with a fresh set of evidence-based practices from outside the Agile echo chamber, proven to optimize the team framework known as Scrum.

Passion vs. Purity: In the Real World
Nigel Baker
Grande Ballroom

“In the real world” is a phrase that I hate - as if we don’t live in the real world and as if Agile was a childish theory rather than real practice.

So the bullet points would be on:

  • Why dislike passion?
  • Why there is no such thing as an Agile purist.
  • What does pragmatism actually mean.
  • Passion = professionalism

Know Thy Brain!
Sharon Bowman
Grande Ballroom

Discover some of the ways the human brain is hard-wired to learn so that you can teach, train, and coach others in ways the human brain learns best. Become aware of your own "blind spots" - assumptions about human learning that may be outdated or incorrect. Begin your own exploration of brain science and human learning so that you can become a more effective trainer, instructor, or coach.