13:00 - 14:15 - 75-Minute Workshops

A Simple Tool for Speaking Honestly and Constructively
Lorraine Aguilar
Room: Nautilus 5
Track: You can’t stop the wave, but you can learn to surf

Session Type: Workshop [Beginner]
Summary: Apply a simple tool to make it easy and safe for people to speak authentically during retrospectives and team coaching.
Learning Objectives:

Identify common factors that discourage people from speaking up in your workplace.

Apply a simple tool consisting of cards and three powerful questions that make it easy and safe for people to speak up during retrospectives, group coaching and other opportunities for performance feedback.

Speak authentically about real challenges and opportunities for improvement in your workplace and offer clear and constructive action-based suggestions.

Agile Team Chartering: Give Your Scrum Teams a Great Start
Diana Larsen and Steve Holyer
Room: Nautilus 1-2
Track: Champions of Agile

Session Type: Workshop [Beginner]
Summary: Achieve more with Scrum teams that produce, perform, and begin self-organizing sooner. Take time for chartering at the start.
Learning Objectives:
  • Understand self-organizing teams as CAS
  • Identify the three elements of chartering and why teams need them all
  • Consider the nine conversations (or activities) that give teams a great start
  • Reflect on which of these conversations your teams miss most and how it affects their performance

Build a Car with Ponch!
Brian “Ponch” Rivera
Room: Spinnaker

Session Type: Workshop [Beginner]
Summary: All of the workshops in the Scrum For Hardware Track will be focused on getting you to work with a team of people to help build a car while learning some pointers from experienced practictioners! For this slot, we'll highlight the team-based expectations of Scrum.
Learning Objectives:
  • The concept of the "crew"
  • How we rapidly build high-performing teams
  • What cross functional teams look like in Scrum For Hardware

Fostering Self-Organizing Teams
Fadi Stephan and Brian Sjoberg
Room: Harbor Island 2
Track: You can’t stop the wave, but you can learn to surf

Session Type: Workshop [Beginner]
Summary: Fostering self-organizing teams by finding the right balance between team learning, team empowerment and control.
Learning Objectives:
  1. What are self-organizing teams
  2. Attributes of self-organizing teams
  3. Conditions and techniques to make self-organizing teams thrive

How to have REAL "Agile" Conversations with Managers and Executives
Bob Hartman
Room: Grande C
Track: Life's a Wave: CATCH IT

Session Type: Workshop [Advanced]
Summary: Does speaking to executives scare you to death? Learn how to have meaningful conversations instead of feeling beaten up (or throwing up!)
Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of the workshop the attendees will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate understanding of a manager/executive viewpoint.
  2. Successfully hold difficult conversations with managers and executives in a way to drive change successfully.
  3. Empower others in a way that is safe and engaging.
  4. Get the information they need to be successfully empowered in a safe and engaging way.

Our Favorite Agile Board Games
Michael Bode
Room: Nautilus 3
Track: Agile Community

Session Type: Workshop [Advanced]
Summary: Explore and experience facilitation and learning techniques using games you're already familiar with, as well as some new games you'll enjoy.
Learning Objectives:
  • Map board game mechanics to agile principles.
  • Learn how to gamify abstract concepts.
  • Experience hands-on games/tools you can use with teams right now.

Virtuous Metrics - Most metrics are the devil. Be an angel instead.
Adam Weisbart
Room: Nautilus 4
Track: Life’s a Wave: CATCH IT

Session Type: Workshop [Advanced]
Summary: Most metrics can be gamed or are harmful. Learn how to use Virtuous Metrics help teams self-organize, and organizations become more Agile.
Learning Objectives:
  • Learn why most metrics are useless or damaging to an Agile team.
  • Discover what metrics help teams and organizations improve.
  • Find out how to get management interested and involved in helping teams remove impediments.
  • Learn an approach to gaining stakeholder alignment so your organization can move in the right direction.
  • Discuss multi-Factor usage analysis to make sure your organization is building the right thing.

Product Owner: Mapping Dramas and Dreams
Olaf Lewitz and Ken Power
Room: Harbor Island 1
Track: As the tides transform, a new journey awaits

Session Type: Workshop [Beginner]

Fulfilling a role in a changing environment is challenging – defining a role in a complex, evolving enterprise equally so. In this session, we will make sense of – the context a product owner lives and thrives in – the responsibilities and activities that will help them, their teams and products thrive, and - methods and tools that help them do a great job delighting their customers.

The format of the session can be reused within your organization, for any role. Non-POs are very welcome!

Learning Objectives:
  • Take away a session format for role clarification and development that you can use at home or with your clients.
  • Create role definitions with metaphors suited to your adaptive context.
  • Integrate the people who do the work in the role mapping to increase ownership and engagement.
  • Work with roles and responsibility in a way that integrates the emotional reality of the people involved.

Where do you want to get to? A Goal-Based Approach to Succeeding with Scrum
Jim York
Room: Harbor Island 3
Track: As the tides transform, a new journey awaits

Session Type: Workshop [Advanced]
Summary: If your don't care where you want to get to, any path will do. But if you do care, join us to connect Scrum practice to your desired outcome.
Learning Objectives:
Participants will be able to:
  • Identify and articulate goals for their initial or next wave of Scrum adoption.
  • Select Agile practices to complement their Scrum adoption that are best matched to specific desired outcomes.