90-Minute Sessions - 13:30 - 15:00

Actionable Fearless Leadership: From Tayloristic to Agile Organization
Ari Tikka and Ran Nyman
Room: Barcelona
Track: Dealing with Uncertainty [Ri]

Session Type: Workshop
Summary: Nokia fell from 9 billion profit to zero in five years. Learn the three things fearless leaders build to avoid Nokia's fate.
Learning Objectives:

After the session you will:

  • remember the reasons for the rise and fall of Nokia Mobile Phones
  • understand the reasons and consequences of fear, and how to work with it
  • have new (anti)patterns to analyze your own organization and communicate the results
  • have new practical thinking tools, valuable both in everyday micro-decisions and at the strategic level
  • know what concrete actions are needed from the fearless leader when building the anti-fragile Agile organization

Coaching Executives: An Imperative for Business Agility
Sekhar Burra
Room: Garmisch
Track: Amplify Learning [Ha]

Session Type: Workshop
Summary: This is a nurturing workshop for Agile leaders and executives to become effective influential servant leaders and to support business agility.
Learning Objectives:
  • Understand your current state in the transition to Agile and what it takes to move forward.
  • Understand how Agile supports and aligns with organization leadership expectations.
  • Understand how you can improve your effectiveness as an Agile leader.
  • Understand your current leadership style and how it aligns with Agile.
  • Understand the key areas of focus for Agile leaders.
  • Leave with a personal action plan of next steps.

Experience Canvas: Building Experiments When Defining Requirements
Dave Sharrock
Room: M√ľnchen
Track: Amplify Learning [Ri]

Session Type: Workshop
Summary: Learn how the Experience Canvas helps set up experiments to validate requirements before building them.
Learning Objectives:
  • Learn about the Experience Canvas, a tool based on applying Ash Maurya’s Lean Canvas to enterprise requirements
  • Create your own Experience Canvas for a feature or requirement and compare Canvases for different requirements
  • Discover how Value Estimation Poker facilitates discussion between stakeholders and provides value estimates for the Product Owner
  • Learn how to estimate effort for each Experience Canvas, and create a long term roadmap prioritized by return-on-investment by the Product Owner

Experimenting and Learning with Origami
Tom Mellor
Room: Sydney
Track: Effectiveness over Efficiency [Ha]

Session Type: Workshop
Summary: Origami, the ancient Japanese art of paper-folding, provides a great context for experimenting and learning to be Agile and use Scrum.
Learning Objectives:

In the session, participants will learn:

  • To appreciate the tension between building the right thing and building the thing right and how to effectively strategize a balance between them.
  • To manage creator / developer bias that can interfere with effective feedback from customers and users.
  • How the roles and events in Scrum work symbiotically to create an operative development environment and how to avoid the “assumption trap” and other potential pitfalls during development.
  • That output is not the same as outcome and that outcome has to be checked regularly against customer preferences and expectations.
  • How to manage impediments and issues that can impede work and jeopardize the forcasted product increment development for a Sprint.
  • Other learnings realized during exercise discussion and debrief."

Liberating Structures: Unleash the Power of the Whole Business Through Radical Self-Organization
Johannes Schartau and Sylvia Taylor
Room: Atlanta
Track: Empowering People [Ha]

Session Type: Workshop
Summary: Discover how companies of any size can easily learn to use tools for radical self-organization to quickly adapt to any challenge at hand.
Learning Objectives:
In this highly interactive session you will see and feel how Liberating Structures - a set of group facilitation tools - foster deep self-organization and help build shared ownership, a hallmark of business agility. Join us in surfacing new approaches of how to allow every voice to be heard, and still get amazing results in record time. You will learn how you can use these microstructures straight away to tap the wisdom of the crowd, to help anyone in your company gain clarity on challenging issues, to supercharge your communicative ability and build a culture of mutual respect and deep democracy.

Scrum, Continuous Improvement, Prototyping...Learn While Having Fun!
Artur Margonari Fausto de Souza
Room: Calgary
Track: Amplify Learning [Shu]

Session Type: Workshop
Summary: Learn how Agile and Scrum concepts can be easy and fun!
Learning Objectives:
  • How is a Scrum cycle
  • What Continuous Improvement is about and the importance of it
  • What prototyping looks like
  • What Fail Fast, Recover Fast actually means

Unleashing Creativity Gets Us to the Stars - but How to Come Back to Earth?
Karl Kollischan and Volker Visotschnig
Room: Partenkirchen
Track: Empowering People [Shu]

Session Type: Workshop
Summary: We practice how to facilitate creative group discussions, channel the plethora of ideas, and reach sustainable solutions in short time.
Learning Objectives:

After the workshop the participants will:

  • Know the principles of the Systemic Consensus Principle
  • Know where this method can be applied
  • Facilitate solution finding and decision-making in groups
  • Handle conflicts emerging during the discussion
  • Know some hints and pitfalls for facilitators