90-Minute Sessions - 09:00 - 10:30

Agile Coaching Canvas: Co-Create, Capture, and Share Your Coaching Vision
Alexey Krivitsky
Room: Garmisch
Track: Amplify Learning [Ha]

Session Type: Workshop
Summary: Learn to use "Agile Coaching Canvas" to guide you and your teams in dreaming, co-creating and living agile transformation visions.
Learning Objectives:
  • Understanding the Focused Agile Coaching thinking toolset
  • Getting ideas on how to facilitate collaborative visioning sessions with agile teams
  • Getting familiar with the four main focusing areas
  • Learning the Agile Coaching Canvas and its usage for defining coaching visions

Learning from Product Failure to Achieve New Product Success!
Carlton Nettleton and Jason Tanner
Room: Partenkirchen
Track: Effectiveness over Efficiency [Ha]

Session Type: Workshop

Bringing a product to market with Innovation Games®, a case study about overcoming failure with novel tools.

Learning Objectives:
  • Describe the process of value proposition design.
  • List the ten characteristics of great value propositions.
  • Name twelve Innovation Games.
  • Select Innovation Games that are best suited for ideation or decision-making.

Be Curious Without Judging - A Structured Approach to Analyze Team Dynamics
Niels Verdonk
Room: Atlanta
Track: Empowering People [Shu]

Session Type: Workshop
Summary: Elicit and analyze challenges participants face in their teams and define a structured approach for handling these challenges.
Learning Objectives:
  • Using observation techniques
  • A method how to objectively analyze behavior of teams
  • A structure to support Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches to help teams improve
  • Concrete examples you can use with teams in your own organization
  • Deliverables with concrete approaches for common challenges and various tools and techniques that can be applied.

Doing Half the Work in Twice the Time - a Provocative View on Efficiency, and Effectiveness
Wolfgang Richter
Room: Calgary
Track: Effectiveness over Efficiency [Shu]

Session Type: Workshop
Summary: Our work is nowadays filled with urgencies, immediacies, and emergencies. This workshop is about how to maximize the amount of work not done.
Learning Objectives:
  • This is an interactive talk about being under pressure, heading for more efficiency, and less time for qualitative work.
  • How more speed is possible for us as human beings, and does it really make sense to aim for high velocities
  • Some theories, real-world examples, and some interactive experiments about high speed vs. going slowly and its side-effects will show give the audience a clue, what they potentially should change in their mindset, and working habits.

Responsibility Process
Christopher Avery
Room: M√ľnchen
Track: Empowering People [Ha]

Session Type: Workshop
Summary: Hands-on application of The Responsibility Process to address and break through challenging problems for results that matter.
Learning Objectives:
  • The value of an ownership mindset when things go wrong
  • The relationship between self-organization and The Responsibility Process
  • Building self-organizing teams with The Responsibility Process
  • Understanding the link between freedom, choice, power, and results that matter

Scrum Master Dojo - How to Support the Scrum Team Effectively to Improve?
Ralf Kruse
Room: Sydney
Track: Empowering People [Ha]

Session Type: Workshop
Summary: Let's broaden our possibilities and enhance our abilities to approach situations, where we as ScrumMasters usually get stuck.
Learning Objectives:
In this interactive session, you will learn on how to systematically broaden the options to approach situations more effectively or getting able to approach situations, where you usually would get stuck. Move beyond acting a nurturing Scrum Mom and become more a facilitator of improvements You will learn to generate a wide set of potential initiatives, to distinct between different types of initiatives & when they are most effective and you will learn to organise the execution of the initiative to get as fast as possible to most promising results. The case-based interactions foster additionally a structured and focused exchange with other practitioners. Join us, you will learn to move beyond the prescriptive nurturing Scrum Mom and learn how to increase your capability to facilitate the improvement of the Scrum Team instead.

The Mean Mean Agile Enterprise
Marc Bless
Room: Barcelona
Track: Dealing with Uncertainty [Ha]

Session Type: Workshop
Summary: When all market players are perfectly Agile, what's the important differentiator to win?
Learning Objectives:

Participants will learn that the methods and practices of an agile enterprise have to be balanced constantly to reflect the surrounding environment. They will find answers to questions, such as:

  • When is Product Ownership the most important aspect?
  • Is it always necessary to have genius developers?
  • Under which circumstances is it our customer service to be perfected rather than our product?