60-Minute Sessions - 13:30 - 14:30

Agile Evolution - The Never-Ending Quest for Improvement
Christoph Mathis
Room: Atlanta
Track: Empowering People [Ha]

Session Type: Talk
Summary: The path to a sustainable change on all levels of an organization, a constant quest for team autonomy, leadership, and execution excellence.
Learning Objectives:

Agile is too often misunderstood as a mere team level method.

To make Agile successful, you need:

  • to implement Scrum as a collaboration culture and as a process framework
  • Agile to become part of the DNA of the whole organization
  • transition to agile means a paradigm shift toward an ever changing and improving mindset and culture
  • valuable lessons in lean thinking which should be integrated into your methods portfolio

Dealing with Uncertainty: From Agile to Antifragile
Henrico Dolfing
Room: Sydney
Track: Dealing with Uncertainty [Ha]

Session Type: Talk
Summary: How can your business gain from disorder? Live in Extremistan. Accept Black Swans as a given, and become an example of the Lindy effect.
Learning Objectives:

Gain a better understanding of what uncertainty is:

  • Understand Black Swan theory
  • Understand what "anti-fragile" means
  • Gain insight in some strategies that can be applied to deal with uncertainty

Fostering Self-organizing Teams
Fadi Stephan
Room: Barcelona
Track: Amplify Learning [Ri]

Session Type: Talk
Summary: Fostering self-organizing teams by finding the right balance between team learning, team empowerment, and control.
Learning Objectives:
  • What are self-organizing teams attributes of self-organizing teams
  • Conditions and techniques to make self-organizing teams thrive

Lean Products - how to deliver highly valuable products in a ridiculously short time frame
Rafael Sabbagh and Rodrigo De Toledo
Room: München
Track: Effectiveness over Efficiency [Ha]

Session Type: Talk
Summary: How to deliver highly valuable products in a very short timeframe, using a problem-oriented approach built over Agile mindset and practices.
Learning Objectives:
The attendees will learn an approach that fits into any Agile software development methodology or framework. It takes the mission of avoiding waste to the extreme, seeking not to add more complexity than necessary and to seeking solve the real customer problems, radically anticipating the delivery of value. We use this approach in real life, while coaching with customers in the Brazilian market. We will present real examples and stories derived from these experiences.

Surviving Change by Becoming Cross-Functional - A Story
Anton Skornyakov
Room: Partenkirchen
Track: Dealing with Uncertainty [Shu]

Session Type: Talk
Summary: Visual story of a component team organization moving to feature teams in order to cope with change.
Learning Objectives:

Your takeaways:

  • A great story to tell your colleagues.
  • You'll understand the inevitable reasons for change in an organization.
  • You will understand the systemic failure of component team organizations in adapting to this change.
  • You will be able to visually explain the benefits of a feature team organization.

Teaching Agile Using Lead Learning Out
Lynda Menge
Room: Garmisch
Track: Amplify Learning [Shu]

Session Type: Talk
Summary: This was a methodology for working with clients at Apple that was designed Lead Learning Out as a teaching methodology developed for Scrum.
Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the importance of Lead Learning Out to Stakeholders
  • LLO is a facilitation style that may be employed at all stages of learning Agile
  • LLO allows the team member to engage in a process of self discovery building confidence and retention
  • Leading questions with a clear path and objective are essential to an effective meeting with your stakeholders and leadership
  • Recognize the differences between Constructive and Non-Constructive Probing
  • Construct Directive leading questions and Validating leading questions
  • I want to take the opportunity to put these concepts together in a series of agile discussions that spread across the session.

Would you like to share my toothbrush?
Shane Mccarron, Tom Lennon, and Rachel O’Toole
Room: Calgary
Track: Empowering People [Ri]

Session Type: Talk
Summary: Pair Development - Engineers hate it and Managers think it’s a con. All it gives is better quality, higher productivity, and smarter teams!
Learning Objectives:
  • Pair Development - The Ericsson Model (Commit, Complete, and Coach)
  • How to start a Pair Development experiment
  • How to deal with initial resistance from Engineers and Managers to Pair Development
  • How to recognize when you need to provide coaching to the teams
  • Getting feedback on the Pair Development experiment
  • Measuring success with Pair Development