Opening Session & Keynote - 09:00 - 10:30

Scaling Agile at Zalando through Radical Agility

Eric Bowman

Eric Bowman is VP of engineering at Zalando, where he has worked over the last year to transform the company's engineering teams to organize themselves and architect their systems to achieve Radical Agility. A 20-year industry veteran, Eric has been a technical leader at several start-ups as well as Gilt Groupe, TomTom, 3, Electronic Arts, and Maxis, where a lifetime ago he was one of the three amigos who built The Sims 1.0.


Over the past two years, Zalando Tech has transformed from a traditional “IT Organisation” into a modern tech org. At the heart of this transformation is Radical Agility, a framework which provides a set of principles and a leadership model for scaling an agile product organization.

Radical Agility provides the structure for agile, whether Scrum, Kanban or a hybrid, to coexist in an organization that is focused on delivering products efficiently at scale. It supports what great engineers need to remain engaged in challenging technical products, from customer facing detail work to deep problems in data and distributed systems. It underpins Zalando as it transitions to a platform company that will transform how fashion works in Europe, and it can be the foundation for other product companies as they transform to agile at scale.

In this talk we’ll talk about how Radical Agility works, from a leadership perspective, an architectural perspective, and a product development perspective, sharing lessons learned along the way and helping demonstrate how different agile methodologies can work together to build a truly efficient, world-class product org.