15:30 - 17:00 - 90 Minute Sessions

Assembling Scrum Teams: A Nonviolent Story**
Juan Banda
Room: Oak Alley
Track: Jazzin' It Up

#1 Get the right people, #2 Help them create an environment where they can collaborate without violent communication.
How I did it?

A Roadmap for (Agile) Engineering Best Practices – What Every Non-Technical Person Needs to Know**
Richard Cheng
Room: Jasperwood
Track: Jazzin' It Up

Presenting a roadmap explaining engineering best practices, why it’s needed, supporting tools, with sequence and effort to implement.

Chocolate, Lego and Scrum Jambalaya
Dana Pylayeva, Bryan Beecham
Room: Fountain
Track: Rolling Down the River

From Scrum to DevOps and continuous flow, through automation and cross functional teams - practice it all using LEGO and chocolate.

Jump-starting the Agile mindset: bringing Scrum & XP into college software projects**
Garrick West, Tina Ostrander
Room: Magnolia
Track: Lagniappe

Learn how a community college instructor & a cranky XPer paired up to arm students with real world Agile skills & help us shape what's next.

Love Agile: Life in Scope**
Shannon Mason
Room: Belle Chasse
Track: Lagniappe

Many of us practice Agile methods or principles every day but stop once we leave the office. But why? Let me show you how to take it home!

Long Term Adaptive Release Planning with Scrum**
Don Patti, David Bulkin
Room: Rosedown
Track: "Throw Me Something Mister!"

Does your team look beyond the Sprint? Do you work with non-agile partners? Learn how to align with long term, adaptive, release planning.

Product Owner and Scrum Success in a Traditional Organization
Tom Mellor
Room: Elmwood
Track: "Throw Me Something Mister!"

This relates the stories of 2 Scrum Product Owners who were instrumental in creating 2 great products in an environment unfavorable to Scrum.

The Agile Dashboard**
Fadi Stephan
Room: Melrose
Track: Hop On a Streetcar

Most Agile teams focus on velocity and target story points which leads to executives misusing the metric and teams gaming the system.