13:30 - 15:00 - 90 Minute Sessions

Coaching Like “Columbo”: Simple Questions to Start Tough Conversations
Patrick McConnell
Room: Rosedown
Track: Jazzin' It Up

In small groups, participants will workshop 7 simple questions that can quickly identify big problems in an active Scrum effort.

Design your next Contract Coaching Gig: Know When to Hold 'Em, Know When to Fold 'Em
Steve Holyer, Nancy Van Schooenderwoert
Room: Jasperwood
Track: Lagniappe

Independent coaches: Uncover better ways to design your Agile Coaching gig to create that elusive winning hand. For you and the organisation.

Facilitation & Communication in Agile Teams
Michele Sliger
Room: Melrose
Track: Jazzin' It Up

A tutorial focused on facilitation techniques in agile teams.

Get an Agile mindset with NLP
Els Verkaik
Room: Oak Alley
Track: Lagniappe

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) can help to become open-minded, stay open for options and adopt another way of working, like Agile.

Improv: Learning Lessons from Master Innovators
Paul Tevis, Jake Calabrese
Room: Fountain
Track: Lagniappe

Improv can teach your teams how to produce something innovative from nothing in a way that looks like you were following a plan all along.

Jazzin the Duo – How to successfully introduce pair programming to your organization
Melinda Stelzer
Room: Magnolia
Track: Jazzin' It Up

Thinking about introducing pair programming on your team? Here’s why you should, and how to set yourself up for success.

Lean Startup + Story Mapping = Awesome Products Faster!
David Hawks, Brad Swanson
Room: Elmwood
Track: "Throw Me Something Mister!"

Hands-on workshop: Use Lean Startup, Lean Canvas & Story Mapping to validate quickly you’re building the right product.

Teaching Scrum to Management
Jason Tanner
Room: Belle Chasse
Track: Hop On a Streetcar

Learn what worked & didn't work to teach Scrum values & principles to over 400 directors & execs. Leave with tools to use post-gathering.