11:00 - 12:30 - 90 Minute Sessions

Can A Definition of Ready Make Scrum "The Big Easy"
Natalie Warnert, Leslie Morse
Room: Rosedown
Track: Lagniappe

Getting to “Done” within a timebox can be a challenge. Are teams committing before they are “Ready”?

Collaborating with Comedy
Paul Goddard
Room: Fountain
Track: Jazzin' It Up

This session provides humorous improv techniques to use in scrum meetings to stimulate interaction and increase collaboration.

Culture a ‘Silent language’ – Learn it to make Scrum successful
Judith Mills, Priyanka Sharma, Debra Feltoe
Room: Magnolia
Track: Rolling Down the River

Why Cultural Intelligence is important in Scrum.

Facilitation Techniques for Effective ScrumMasters
Marcos Garrido, Rafael Sabbagh
Room: Oak Alley
Track: Rolling Down the River

Through this very interactive workshop, we will teach facilitation techniques necessary for effective ScrumMasters, but unknown by many.

Game theory and techniques applied to an Agile Product Vision creation
Charlles Pinon, Luciana Silva
Room: Belle Chasse
Track: Jazzin' It Up

A project at play. Learn how Scrum projects can benefit from mixing games and agility to build an effective product vision.

Hop Onto the Release Orientation Trolley
Brian Barr, Naeem Hussain

Room: Jasperwood
Track: Hop On a Streetcar

Find out how to make the shift from project orientation to release orientation and the key elements to making that shift a reality.

Impact Mapping: Delivering What Matters
Inger Dickson, Jeffrey Davidson
Room: Elmwood
Track: "Throw Me Something Mister!"

Building the right software begins with a better understanding of business opportunity and goals. One successful approach is Impact Mapping.

Net-Map: A tool to enable visibility of your complex organizational networks
Rajeswari Kailasam, Amitaksha Nag
Room: Melrose
Track: Lagniappe

Net-map, widely used in many countries to engage stakeholders fits well with large Scrum adoptions in visualization and articulation.