15:30 - 17:00 - 90 Minute Sessions

Beyond Removing Impediments: Scrum Master as Team Coach
Allison Pollard
Room: Oak Alley
Track: Rolling Down the River

This session will teach Scrum Masters the language to coach teams to high performance: a metaphor, impact feedback, and powerful questions.

Better SAFe Than Sorry: Understand the Strengths and Limitations of the SAFe Framework**
Giora Morein
Room: Elmwood
Track: Lagniappe

Gain an understanding of the most common SAFe pitfalls that you may encounter, as well as address the strengths & limitations of the framework.

Converting A Successful FBI Program From Waterfall To Agile
Craeg Strong
Room: Belle Chasse
Track: Lagniappe

Navigating massive legacy code bases, Devops-hostile platforms, CMMI compliance requirements, and skeptical oversight groups to Agile success.

Getting Your Agile Team from Good to Great!
Brad Swanson, David Hawks
Room: Magnolia
Track: Jazzin' It Up

Interactively explore team challenges & discover proven techniques to focus, accelerate learning, and enjoy building great products.

Mission Command: Scaling Product Management in an Agile Organization
Sean Dunn
Room: Rosedown
Track: "Throw Me Something Mister!"

How a 200-year-old military invention can enable your organization to be Agile and aligned.

Power Games**
Richard Kasperowski
Room: Fountain
Track: Lagniappe

Type: Workshop
Level: 1

Power: it's everywhere. Power is an important cultural dimension, defining how we relate to and interact with each other. What are your organization's power structures? How does it feel to be at the top or at the bottom?
We'll explore power relationships using games drawn from Augusto Boal's _Theater of the Oppressed_ and _Games for Actors and Non-Actors_. A series of warm-up activities de-mechanizes participants and opens them up to explore freely. We proceed to a game called Colombian Hypnosis (details below); Colombian Hypnosis lets us explore using power over each other to force someone to act in a manner he didn't anticipate. We culminate with a multitiered variation of Colombian Hypnosis that simulates the power hierarchy of a typical workplace: a CEO at the top hypnotizing (exerting power over) two EVPs, exerting power over four VPs, exerting power over eight directors, exerting power over 16 managers, exerting power over 32 workers, etc., until everyone in the room is engaged in the power structure.
After each activity, we discuss how it felt to exert power, how it felt to be powerless, how the activity is similar to your work situation, etc.

**This is a 60 minute session.

The Agile Planning Mindset: estimating and forecasting a release with a real backlog
Peter Green
Room: Melrose
Track: Hop On a Streetcar

Learn how to do agile planning using a real backlog, relative size estimation, and velocity. Simulate sprints, & update the plan!

Your Stories Are Too Big!
Chris Sims
Room: Jasperwood
Track: "Throw Me Something Mister!"

Big user stories are hard to plan with and risky. Learn and apply 4 simple ways to split any big user story into smaller stories.