13:30 - 15:00 - 90 Minute Sessions

Estimating Business Value
Chris Sims
Room: Elmwood
Track: "Throw Me Something Mister!"

Learn surprisingly simple techniques to estimate and quantify business value of your user stories.

Exploit Core Scrum Practices at the Program Level
Chris Waggoner, Adnan Aziz
Room: Fountain
Track: Hop On a Streetcar

Learn how core Scrum practices support visibility, remove impediments, and promote flow for programs with many teams and hundreds of people. 

Exploring Scrum of Scrums as a Scaling Vehicle
Bob Galen
Room: Rosedown
Track: Hop On a Streetcar

Scrum of Scrums has been under explored as a scaling method vs. emerging models like SAFe and DAD. Let's explore and see how it stacks up. 

Fun Games for Serious Scrum Masters
Juan Banda
Room: Magnolia
Track: Lagniappe

Routine erodes creativity in Scrum teams, but what if we could use fun games to resurrect it? Join this session to learn what games to use.

Incremental Delivery and Emergent Design in action. An exercise in delivering working software from sprint one through sprint X.
Ron Quartel 
Room: Belle Chasse
Track: "Throw Me Something Mister!"

Incremental delivery, emergent design and agile architecture taught in a fun and interactive exercise. Take it home and run with your teams!

Metric-Driven Enterprise Coaching
Daniel Greening
Room: Melrose
Track: Hop On a Streetcar

Enterprises are like improv: teams measure and adapt together. Good agile metrics drive harmonious success; bad ones chaos. What works well? 

The Listening ScrumMaster
Arne ├ůhlander
Room: Jasperwood
Track: Rolling Down the River

ScrumMasters empower by listening and give more room to the team. This session will help you take steps to improve your listening skills. 

Using Kano AND Scrum to Learn more about Scrum!
Nigel Baker
Room: Oak Alley
Track: Lagniappe

I have applied Kano Analysis to Scrum. Come discover DEEP insights into Scrum + Agile, generated by real world survey and workshops!