9:45 – 10:30 - 45 Minute Sessions

Step Away From the Waterfall: You Really Can Use Agile on ERP Projects
Jason Fair
Room: Auteuil
Expanding an Agile Culture in a Complex World

Type: Lecture

Have you ever wondered how to deliver your project quicker and realize business value sooner from your ERP implementations?

Have you ever wondered how to improve efficiency and productivity of your existing ERP teams, doing "more with less" in today’s economy?

Consideration of Lean concepts and Agile techniques to accelerate the time to delivery and the realization of benefits is becoming more prevalent. Project Managers are challenging the ways of traditional waterfall ERP implementations and are seeking new approaches.

This discussion provides an overview to Lean and Agile ERP Projects.

Reduce risk and increase buy-in with non-technology Scrum adoptions
Anthony Montgomery, Jeff Davis
Room: Bagatelle
Applying an Agile Culture in other domains than IT

Type: Lecture
Track: ♥♥

How can you reduce your risk during an enterprise Agile adoption? The key is focusing on parallel implementations in domains other than IT. Work teams beyond software development can significantly benefit from the Scrum framework in their operational efforts, and these efforts serve to create shared understanding, buy-in and collaboration during enterprise agile adoption. Scrum in these non-IT areas yield a familiar way for the business teams to function and interface with technology. Moreover, these non-IT teams experienced the productivity gains and became believers in the Scrum framework.

Essential Scrum Developer Practices
David Bernstein
Room: Trocadero/Tuileries
Emerging Agile Culture

Type: Lecture
Track: ♥♥

Building software in sprints requires different skills from those used in traditional software development. When done correctly, Scrum and the practices of Extreme Programming (XP), such as continuous integration, pair programming, emergent design, test driven development, and refactoring let development teams build quality software more rapidly and with fewer defects. In this session, we look at the key developer practices for successfully implementing Scrum, why they work, and how to use them effectively.

Deconstructing Agile: The Madness Behind The Methods
Daniel Gullo
Room: Pereire
Expanding an Agile Culture in a Complex World

Type: -
Track: ♥♥♥

The concepts presented in this class have been presented hundreds of times and will be tailored to the 90-minute timebox. There will be an introduction and overview, discussion of numerous topics with questions interspersed, a summary including the importance of seeing the bigger picture beyond just the practices, followed by Q&A at the end.

A fundamental knowledge of Agile Values and Principles Knowledge of common Agile frameworks such as Kanban, Scrum, etc. would be helpful.

Agile Devil's Workshop: Lessons in Killing Agility
Madhur Kathuria
Room: Luxembourg
Emerging Agile Culture

Type: Workshop
Track: ♥♥

Patterned on the lines of the book "Agile Devils Lesson," this workshop is a hands-on workshop for the participants on identifying Agile Myths and AgileSmells and how to tackle them. This includes Focus on processes and behaviors. The description provided as a narrative from the Agile Devil provides more details about the session.

Hypnosis, Agility, and Creativity
Irwin Fletcher, Stephen McAinsh
Room: Monceau
Empower Agile Culture with others cultures, domains and approaches

Type: Workshop
Track: All levels

Abstract: Agile success is founded on people and interactions. This presentation will give you five techniques, adapted from clinical hypnosis, that have proven successful in the Agile process, including project visioning and goal setting, improved team communication and business collaboration as well as advancing team retrospectives and reviews.

Presented and facilitated by Irwin Fletcher and Stephen McAinsh, who have both led agile transformations in the public and private sectors. Irwin is also a qualified Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist and NLP Business Change Practitioner.

To Be SNIPer
Daniel Teng
Room: Vendome/Palais Royal
Expanding an Agile Culture in a Complex World

Type: Lecture
Track: ♥♥

If you give kids broccoli and tell them it is good for their health. Most likely, you will still get a no. Little kids don't care about being healthy. Broccoli principles applies to Agile adoption as well. Simply telling and pushing new ideas and practices don't help very much because it is about changing people's mindset and way of thinking. One key factor for sustainable adoption is to light the desire to learn, from individual, team, to organization level. Rather than being pushed a lot of ideas, teams will come for help and guidance, to pull idea from coach then apply in their context.