15:30 - 17:00 - 90 min Session

Break Down the Silos - Collaboration Techniques for Teams
Maria Matarelli, Dan Neumann
Build The Future
Acacia A

Discover collaborative techniques for breaking down the silos in how your teams work together. Walk away from this workshop with tools and techniques you can introduce to your project teams immediately to encourage more collaboration and cross team communication. Apply the concepts for increasing team interaction by creating a visual collaboration tool through an experiential workshop segment.

Optimus Prime is Cool: Organisational Transformation and Transformer
Nigel Baker
Acacia B
See The Future

Optimus Prime is a Transformer. Transformers are cool. In this workshop we will use Optimus Prime, the transforming toy as a metaphor for organizational change and transformation. We will humourously pull apart this metaphor and discuss whether "Transformation" is really the right word for what we put organizations through. Truly, MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE!

Large-scale Agile Program and Portfolio Management Using Scrum
Mike Cottmeyer
Acacia C
See The Future

More than 10 years after the signing of the Agile Manifesto, agile is now officially mainstream. PMI is offering an agile certification, and you can hardly find an IT job description that doesn’t ask for some sort of Agile experience. As a community, we’ve become pretty good at setting up agile teams and delivering agile projects. The next frontier for agile methods is tackling the enterprise, and one of the toughest nuts to crack will be the traditional PMO.

In larger, more complex environments, it isn’t sufficient to pair a single product owner with a single team and expect that the work of the business is going to get done. We are dealing with larger, more diverse groups of stakeholders, individuals whose needs often compete for the attention of the team. Furthermore, the teams have to work together in more complex ways that require tighter integration across teams to deliver larger, more complex feature sets.

This talk will explore patterns for dealing with more complex organizations, managing interdependencies between teams and balancing tradeoffs to optimize the project delivery organization. The key questions to answer are "When will we be done?" and "What will we get for our time and money?" We want to give the PMO a way to answer this question without having to resort to traditional plan-driven approaches. This talk will lay out just such an approach.

Beyond the Flat Backlog: Story Mapping in Scrum
Jeff Patton
Acacia D
Tools of the Future

A product backlog is good at showing what’s most important. But, the tough part isn’t showing it, it’s figuring it out in the first place. In this short discussion and workshop Jeff will cover the often-overlooked purpose of user stories: that’s telling stories to help everyone understand the product. You’ll get hands-on experience building story that tell the whole story of your product while helping whole teams understand and make good priority decisions. You’ll leave understanding how story mapping fits into effective product discovery that compliments Scrum delivery.

Making Scrum Stick in Regulated Industries
Laszlo Szalvay
Paloverde A
See The Future

Are you tired of hearing that Scrum won't work here and it wont work there or seeing crappy implementations of ScrumBut? In this "see the future" themed session the presenter will walk through the art of the possible as it relates to doing Scrum well within heavily regulated industries. Through lecture and hands on exercises we will learn how Scrums framework can be used to navigate the obstacles of compliance.

My Team's a Train Wreck! Overcoming Real-life Team Dysfunctions
Jan Beaver
Room: Paloverde B
Track: Build The Future

Coaching a Scrum Team is no simple trick. As a ScrumMaster or coach, you deal with Team problems every day. You use the Scrum framework as much as you possibly can, but what do you do when you don't know what to do? Let's put our heads together to examine four very real, very difficult Team scenarios and explore different approaches to bringing about Team improvement and growth. In this session, we'll generate insights on how to deal with the Team Dictator, the Ambivalent Team, All Out War!, and the Team of Victims.

Business Value Estimation
Chris Sims
Room: Mesquite 1-3
Track: See The Future

Most scrum teams create effort estimates, often using story points. As a product owner, you also want to have an estimate of the business value of each user story. Business value estimates help you create a more rational backlog and maximize the value the team delivers. This workshop explores the art and science of estimating the business value of user stories. Participants will gain an understanding of the essence of business value, and why it is more complex than just revenue or profit. Then we will then learn two surprisingly simple techniques to estimate and quantify business value.

Growing ScrumMasters for the Future
Mark Summers, Helen Meek
Mesquite 4/5
Build The Future

Do you want to understand where you are on your journey as a ScrumMaster or coach? Then come and explore. Maybe you need a way of helping ScrumMasters grow in your organisation? Then this session will provide you with a framework. We will take a number of key competencies of a ScrumMaster/coach and explore the journey from Shu to Ha to Ri. This will be an interactive session to explore yourself and share ideas to help each other develop as ScrumMasters and coaches. This is all based on work done with ScrumMasters and coaches within organisations.