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2007 London Scrum Gathering

  • Event

    Held twice a year, the Scrum Gathering is an opportunity for Scrum users of all experience levels to gather together to learn and share about Scrum. You can choose from several introductory and advanced Scrum courses, including those leading to certification. The gathering also affords an open space session where you can discuss timely topics with experts and peers. For Certified Scrum Trainers, the gathering is a place to come together with your peers in a trainers-only environment. Whether you're just starting out or are an old hand, the Scrum Gathering is the place to be.  


    A Certified ScrumMaster Course was held 12-13 November. Sessions began 14 November. The Open Space event was 16 November. See the detailed programme for specifics and to download the presentations. 

    Photos from the London Gathering.

    Photos from the London Gathering Open Space

    YouTube video summary of the Gathering, courtesy of Danny Kovatch.

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    Date: 12-16 November, 2007
    Location: London, United Kingdom

    Dexter House - London
    2 Royal Mint Ct.
    Tower Hamlets
    London, United Kingdom
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  • Program

    Monday and Tuesday, 12-13 November 2007

    CSM Course: £1,500+VAT
    ScrumMaster Course and Scrum Gathering attendance: £1,950+VAT

    Certified ScrumMaster Course - Instructors: Ken Schwaber and Mike Cohn

    This two-day course not only provides the fundamental principles of Scrum, it also gives participants hands-on experience using Scrum. This course puts theory into action through exercises and small-group discussion. During the course, attendees will learn why such a seemingly simple process such as Scrum can have such profound effects on an organization. Participants gain practical experience working with Scrum tools and activities such as the product backlog, sprint backlog, daily Scrum meetings, sprint planning meeting, and burndown charts. Participants leave knowing how to apply Scrum to all sizes of projects, from a single collocated team to a large, highly distributed team.  

    PMPs: This course counts for 14 Professional Development Units (PDUs).

    A cocktail reception for Certified ScrumMaster students was hosted Monday, 12 November, by Danube Technologies, developer of the ScrumWorks Pro product.

    Wednesday, 14 November 2007

    Keynote address: "Scrum in A Dispersed Environment: How To Manage The Development Game With Players Around The World" by Bruce Radloff, CTO, Tele Atlas, Belgium

    How To Manage The Development Game With Players Around The World

    The experts say that Scrum as a process works best when the development team is in the same place, so that communications between team members is not only constant, but consistently understood. But what if teams are dispersed? Is it impossible to apply Scrum practices across multiple geographies?

    Tele Atlas CTO Bruce Radloff doesn’t think so. His development groups are focused on delivering continuously updated digital maps, and they do so despite being scattered across four United States, two Central European locations and an increasing number of locations in Asia Pacific. The teams have worked through their cultural and geographic differences and successfully applied Scrum techniques to create and regularly update the leading map database for personal and in car navigation, Internet, and mobile devices and applications.

    In this keynote session, Mr. Radloff described the challenges and secrets to success in using Scrum across a growing, global organization. His experience continuously updating a database that incorporates 51 terabytes of data will give attendees the best perspectives in how to apply Scrum techniques in one of the more dispersed and challenging of environments.

    Session A  (10.45-12.15)

    Session B  (13.30-15.00)

    Session C  (15.30-17.00)

    Fall Scrum Gathering Banquet – 19.00-21.00   
    One ticket included in conference fee. Cost for additional Banquet ticket: £50+VAT

    Thursday, 15 November 2007

    Keynote address: "Deploying Scrum Company-wide: The Journey of F-Secure's Agile Transformation" by Pirkka Palomäki, EVP, Research & Development, F-Secure, Finland

    Pirkka Palomäki is Executive Vice President, Research & Development, for F-Secure Corporation headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.

    He joined F-Secure in 1997 and has previously held positions in Product Management and Marketing. Prior to joining F-Secure, Mr. Palomäki has worked at Telecom Finland (currently TeliaSonera) in the field of marketing, business development and development management for data communication services. He holds a Master of Science degree in International Marketing and Business Strategy from the Helsinki University of Technology.


    Session D  (10.45-12.15)

    Session E  (13.30-15.00)


    Keynote address: "Scrum at British Telecom" by Geoff Watts, Paul Goddard, Nigel Baker & Roger Leaton

    Adopting an agile approach to a project is challenging, scaling that is daunting. All Scrum projects will help identify some of the dysfunctionalities affecting your organisation's ability to perform and the more pervasive that Scrum becomes in your organisation, the better chance you have of becoming a lean organisation. However, the more widespread your adoption of Scrum, the harder it is to support and the harder it is to build and maintain momentum.

    Agile adoptions nowadays are rarely small and the larger the adoption, the harder things get. People learn from other people, teams learn from other teams and companies learn from other companies.

    In an agile environment all information should be treated as good information and, given the size and scale of British Telecom (100,000 employees) the amount of information BT can share is immense. Geoff Watts, Paul Goddard, Nigel Baker and Roger Leaton will share their experiences of agile adoption at British Telecom and discuss future plans.

    This is not a blueprint for how to adopt agile at an organisational level - BT is still undergoing its transformation - but rather an incremental sharing of information for those who may be facing similar challenges or maybe to prepare those who are about to face them.


    Friday, 16 November 2007

    Open Space - Facilitated by Rachel Davies, Agile Experience Ltd.

    Gathering attendees join leading Scrum coaches, practitioners, and experts in this one-day open space event focusing on expanding Scrum to the wider organization.

    Attendees propose sessions about a topic that they want to discuss with the Scrum community, exploring the challenges we face embedding Scrum in organizations large and small.

    Such as:

    • What are common organizational challenges we face?
    • What tactics and strategies can we apply to remove obstacles to Scrum?
    • How do we get the success stories from our teams out to the wider organization?



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