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Sanjiv Augustine
Sanjiv Augustine
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28-29 November, 2017
Houston, TX, United States of America
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Whether you're asking "What is Agile?" or already lead a Scrum team, join Sanjiv Augustine for a Scrum course consistently rated as one of the best in the industry. 

Entrepreneur, Consultant, Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Author, Industry Leader

Agile and Lean expert Sanjiv Augustine has transformed organizations through enterprise Agile methods for nearly 30 years. Sanjiv has served as a trusted advisor to executives and management at leading firms including: Capital One, The Capital Group, CNBC, Comcast, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Nationwide Insurance, Walmart and Samsung.  

Sanjiv Augustine LitheSpeedSanjiv is the chair of the Agile Alliance Agile Executive Forum, is a regular keynote speaker, and has authored several publications including Transitioning to Agile Project Management: A Roadmap for the PerplexedThe Lean-Agile PMO: Using Lean Thinking to Accelerate Agile Project Delivery and the books Managing Agile Projects (Prentice Hall 2005) and Scaling Agile: A Lean JumpStart. Read Sanjiv's full bio.



The Course

This Houston Scrum Product Owner Certification Training prepares you to master the most difficult role in Scrum.  Based on broad real-world experience, LitheSpeed’s training also brings in elements of the Lean Startup® approach that has been adopted by many companies large and small across the world. This approach provides tested and practical techniques for data-based iterative product management within Scrum. The class also delves into best practices for applying Scrum in environments like the government and large enterprises, as well as in smaller teams and organizations such as non-profits.

During two days of invigorating exercises, videos, discussions and lecture, you’ll learn and experience Scrum and Agile fundamentals from the Product Owner’s perspective, along with critical skills such as:

  • Articulating clear visions with measurable business objectives – Practice both Lean Six Sigma and Lean Startup® techniques such as the Lean Canvas
  • Describing and prioritizing stakeholders' needs – Practice techniques from agile user-experienced design such as personas, and customer development methods from the Lean Startup
  • Prioritizing methods for new product development, maintenance and non-software work – Learn to prioritize by product, customer and market risk, cost of delay and more
  • Planning releases and sprints – Practice advanced techniques like story mapping and visual management systems for programs
  • Tracking and reporting progress robustly and efficiently, using quantitative techniques from lean and Lean Startup® such as “pirate metrics”
  • Scaling Scrum to program-level efforts – Experience proven approaches like LitheSpeed’s portfolio alignment wall, and learn about the Scaled Agile Framework
  • Blending Scrum with Kanban and other lean methods for broader organizational integration – Learn from kanban early adopters, and see real-world case studies
  • Managing operations, infrastructure and maintenance work using Scrum and Kanban
  • Generating strong working relationships with development teams – Practice behavioral psychology and improvisational acting techniques

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Practical, First Hand Stories from the Field

Learn from decades of real-world industry experience rolling out Scrum at companies ranging from small business to the Fortune 100.  Learn how the Product Owner role fits into the larger scope of organizational agility. With Sanjiv's expertise, learn how becoming a Scrum Product Owner will change the way you and your teams work.  Curious about how to create impact on a larger scale?  Get insight into enterprise agile adoption and scaling methods, and take a look at LitheSpeed's proven enterprise approach with advice on how to set up a Lean-Agile PMO and Portfolio Alignment Wall.

Get the Inside Scoop

You might just be joining the Agile world, but there are plenty of organizations, events, webinars, podcasts and resources to help you on your journey.  Sanjiv's 30 year industry knowledge gives his students a phenomenal insider's look into the industry.  Students often keep in touch with questions about the next step on their Agile path, and Sanjiv is happy to point them in the right direction whether it is connecting them with his network, sharing career advice or pointing them toward the right training.

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A Company That Does It All

LitheSpeed's Houston course doesn’t stop with basic team-level Scrum courses; we transform enterprises. All of our trainers are also coaches and consultants, and our leaders remain active practitioners, always striving to push the envelope. We have enabled agility at some of the largest names, but also work with the smallest teams to create great impact.

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