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Certified Scrum Product Owner®
9/11/2012 12:00:00 AM The Oobeya Group Courtyard Chicago Downtown/River North 30 East Hubbard Street Chicago IL 60611 United States of America 41.8902311 -87.6276247 1300


The Oobeya Group

  • Course

    Date: 11-12 September, 2012
    Location: Chicago, IL, United States of America

    Regular Price: 1300


    The Certified Scrum Product Owner course is a 2-day course introducing the concepts of agile business leadership using the Scrum methodology.  Successful participants will become Certified Scrum Product Owners, a first step in the journey towards this more adaptive form of business leadership.   This course is based on 23 years of industry experience, including nearly 10 years of experience in the role of Product Owner/Agile Customer and teaching/mentoring others in this role.

    The course extensively uses Innovation Games® in the course to go beyond basic Product Owner tools.  Instructors Lowell Lindstrom and Jason Tannner are both Innovation Games Qualified Instructors.  Students will also receive a FREE one-year professional subscription to Innovation Games® Online (worth $495).


    Prepare participants to effectively participate on projects using Scrum and to assume the Product Owner role.


    The courses is primarily exercises and discussions with some lecture to define terms and concepts.  Ample time will be available to learn from real experiences on real projects from the instructors experience teaching coaching Scrum teams.

    The course extensively uses Innovation Games® in the course to go beyond basic Product Owner tools.  Instructors Lowell Lindstrom and Jason Tannner are both Innovation Games Qualified Instructors.  Students will also receive a FREE one-year professional subscription to Innovation Games® Online (worth $495).

    What You Get

    A printed copy of all course materials

    A one-year membership in the Scrum Alliance

    Recognition by the Scrum Alliance as a Certified Scrum Product Owner

    A one-year professional subscription to Innovation Games® Online (worth $495)


    Lowell Lindstrom

    In 2005, Lowell founded The Oobeya Group, which helps organizations successfully spread thesuccessful use of lean and agile techniques toall teams and functional areas.  He designs and delivers custom transition engagements for businesses needing more effective practices.  He has been involved in developing and deploying software products for over 25 years, having held roles from Software Developer, Test Lead, TQM Manager, Product Manager, Regional Sales Manager, and General Manager.    He is among the early pioneers in Agile Software Development. In 1999, while a VP at Object Mentor, he worked with Bob Martin, Kent Beck, Ron Jeffries and Martin Fowler to develop the ultimate Agile learning experience, XP Immersion™.  In 2002, Lowell designed and delivered the first commercially available course on the business practices of Agile Software Development.  

    Lowell continues to take on leadership roles in Agile-focused industry and community groups.   He was the organizing chair of the first North American conference on Agile Software Development (XP/Agile Universe) in 2001, and program chair in 2004.  He was instrumental in unifying the then two leading Agile conferences. He was the Business Theme Program Chair for Agile 2010. He is a co-founder and former director of the Agile Project Leadership Network (APLN).   He has been a member of the Scrum Alliance since its inception and and served as its interim Managing Director in late 2009/early 2010.  

    Lowell is a Certified Scrum Trainer and an Innovation Games Trained Facilitator.  He received is BS in Computer Science from Northwestern University and his MM from Northwestern's Kellogg Graduate School of Management.  He is published in the Cutter IT Journal, the Auerbach IS Management Handbook (8th ed.), and various conference proceedings.


    Jason Tanner

    Jason joined Enthiosys as a Senior Consultant in 2008 and has over 18 years of professional experience with software companies, a telecommunications company and the Marine Corps. His expertise spans Agile software product management, product marketing, business planning, partner management, project management and leadership.

    As general manager in his most recent position, Jason held responsibility for all aspects of an IT chargeback product including product management, product marketing, pre/post-sales support and training. He worked with multiple clients ranging from Fortune 500 enterprises to government agencies to universities enabling their adoption of new technology and methods to optimize their IT organizations.

    His prior position with a startup software company included experience migrating from waterfall to Agile development methods. Jason collaborated closely with engineering to integrate product management into the Agile workflow.

    Jason is an active member of the Agile User Group in Research Triangle Park, the Triangle Product Management Association in Raleigh, NC and the North Carolina Council for Entrepreneurial Development. He frequently speaks for the Product Management View webinar series, at user group meetings and for the Atlanta Agile Project Leadership Network.

    He holds a BS degree in mechanical and aeronautical engineering from Cornell University and a MBA with a concentration in entrepreneurship from Duke University.


    Though each CSPO course varies depending on the instructor, all Certified Scrum Product Owner® courses focus on Scrum from a product owner's perspective. Graduates will receive the CSPO designation. All CSPO courses are taught by Trainers approved by the Scrum Alliance.

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    Date: 11-12 September, 2012
    Location: Chicago, IL, United States of America

    Courtyard Chicago Downtown/River North
    30 East Hubbard Street
    Chicago, IL 60611 United States of America

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    Regular Price: 1300


    PMPs can claim 14 PDUs for this course.

  • Agenda

    Scrum Basics

    • ·        What problem are we trying to solve?
    • ·        History of software improvement approaches
    • ·        History of Scrum
    • ·        Comparing Scrum with "Traditional" approaches

    Values and Principles of Agile and Scrum

    • ·        Role of values in Agile organizations
    • ·        Examples of Agile value systems
    • ·        Manifesto for Agile Software Development
    • ·        Declaration of Interdependence

    Organizational Issues

    • Roles & Responsibilities
    • Delegating and Product Owner Proxies
    • Building the Stakeholder Community

    Succeeding in the role of Product Owner

    • Good and Bad Behavior
    • Tales from the Trenches

    Guiding the Project

    • The Product Backlog: User Stories and other approaches
    • Determining what is valuable
    • Product Vision
    • Release Planning; Minimal Marketable Feature, Alignment to Stakeholders

    Guiding the Sprint

    • Preparing for a Sprint
    • During the Sprint:  Attendance; What to look for; Linking stakeholders to the team; Reacting to change and new information
    • Observing an effective Scrum Team
    • Sprint Review:   Participation, Evaluating Results; Leading the Stakeholders;  Acceptance of the Deliverable
    • Sprint Retrospectives: Attendance, Helping the Team
  • Who Should Attend


    This course is targeted to the following audience(s):

    This course is designed for team members and managers involved in projects who may assume the Product Owner role. Typically the Product Owner is a product manager, business analyst, or business sponsor.  In large organizations, it is recommended that Directors who oversee IT projects  or functional areas also participate.


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