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Certified Scrum Product Owner®

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  • Course

    Date: 18-19 January, 2011
    Location: London, United Kingdom

    Regular Price: £1030 + VAT

    Participants who complete the course successfully will be designated Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO). This Certification includes membership in the Scrum Alliance, where additional materials and information is available exclusively to CSPO’s.

    Comments by attendees of David's recent courses

    • "Excellent course for me, spot on!" 29/09/10
    • "A very enjoyable course." 23/09/10
    • "Dave was very knowledgeable about Scrum and also mentioned other Agile technologies." 23/09/10
    • "Really enjoyed the course and have taken a lot from it, especially with regards to estimating, planning and the concept of velocity. I would highly recommend Dave as a trainer." 23/09/10
    • "Enjoyable and practical. Suitable for wide range of audiences" 23/09/10
    • "Very informative course, started with no knowledge, so really helped" 23/09/10
    • "Trainer was brilliant - very knowledgeable and I learned lots from him." 22/06/10
    • "I thought this course was outstanding.  I had 2 years experience but learned a lot."  22/06/10
    • "Good course, good summary of Agile and Scrum framework." 22/06/10
    • "Course was great; lecture inspiring; charismatic" 13/05/10
    • "Very well presented and laid out" 13/05/10
    • "Very thorough and advantaged hugely by trainer's hands-on experience" 09/03/10
    • "Very good course. Many thanks" 09/03/10
    • "Good course to understand basis of Agile and Scrum framework" 09/03/10
    • "Satisfied - I am sure this will help me" 09/03/10
    • "The instructor's knowledge of real world scenarious and applying Scrum was excellent. I'd recommend him for further courses of study" 02/03/10
    • "Excellent presentation skills" 02/03/10
    • "Good practical examples from his own experience" 02/03/10
    • "Provided live examples" 02/03/10
    • "Willing to discuss constraints" 02/03/10
    • "Very good course content; right balance between learning 'core' Scrum theory vs. comparison of Scrum with broader/other Agile methods and 'traditional' project/programme management" 15/01/10
    • "Excellent course which helped to provide knowledge of Scrum but also specific challenges. Good pace, committed and enthusiastic trainer with ability to tailor/manage course as required" 15/01/10
    • "Course was better than expected in terms of focus on 'real world' tips/techniques, and good re. latest thinking re. enterprise-wide aspects" 15/01/10
    • "David was an excellent course trainer, was very approachable and delivered the content in an easy to understand format. I would recommend this course to those who wish to embrace Agile and Scrum" 3/12/09
    • "Enjoyable, right no of people, good mix" 3/12/09
    • "Very good course, great fun, learned a lot" 28/10/09
    • "A well presented course with a successful combination of presentations and interactive work" 28/10/09
    • "Dave is an excellent trainer. I really appreciated covering scaling Agile to an enterprise level" 28/10/09
    • "Worthwhile course, well delivered" 16/09/09
    • "Dave's real life experiences helps to temper peurile versus pragmatic implementation" 16/09/09




    Though each CSPO course varies depending on the instructor, all Certified Scrum Product Owner® courses focus on Scrum from a product owner's perspective. Graduates will receive the CSPO designation. All CSPO course are taught by Certified Scrum Trainers.

  • Details

    Date: 18-19 January, 2011
    Location: London, United Kingdom

    St James' House
    10 Rosebery Avenue
    London, EC1R 4TF United Kingdom

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    Regular Price: £1030 + VAT

  • Agenda

    Agile Principles and the Agile Manifesto

    Scrum Overview and Context

    The Scrum Development Process

    Agile Requirements, Stories


    ·          Product Backlog

    ·          Sprint Backlog


    ·          Release Planning

    ·          Sprint Planning

    Scrum Teams and the Product Owner Role

    Estimating in Scrum Teams

    Monitoring Progress and Accepting Stories

    o    Sprint Review

    o    Daily Scrum Meetings

    o    Burndown Chart

  • Who Should Attend

    This course will benefit Product Managers, Marketing and Sales people, Business Analysts, Project Managers or ScrumMasters who want to deepen their understanding of the Product Owner role.


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