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Daniel Teng
Daniel Teng
Roof Panichsombat
+66 80973 7799


23-25 October, 2017
Bangkok, Thailand
Crowne Plaza Bangkok
Lumpini Park Bang Rak
Bangkok, Thailand
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As a startup founder/enterpreneur, I will learn how to discover and validate customer and customer's problem. How to combine lean startup, Impact Mapping, Designing Thinking with Scrum. How to effectively discover and deliver

As a coach/trainer, I will have a better understanding of iterative and incremental development. I will observe how Daniel plays as a ScrumMaster to facilitate the learning process. I will see a total different training style.

As a beginner of Scrum, I will understand both Scrum concepts and related knowledge. I will observe how a top ScrumMaster facilitate and motivate team to collaborately discover and deliver.

As an executive, I will have a better understanding of Scrum and Agile. I will also learn to to trigger the change and make it sticky.

As a product manager, I will see new toolbox for building a better product.

Discovery Biased CSPO

Discovery & Delivery

There are two integral directions for growth 1) Optimization (Reduce Errors) and 2) AHA (Insight, Opportunity). Unfortunately, Optimization have almost all attention. Most organizations fall into the perfection trap and the prediction trap. In contrast, AHA means uncertainty, unpredictability, and serendipity. There needs to be a balance and PO is the one maintaining such balance. Mapping this concept onto product development, AHA means Discovery and Optimization means Delivery.

Being the owner of product is far from enough. PO should be the Problem Owner, whose main job is to identify what is next market fit, who is next customer, what is the most significant problem to solve, and what is the acceptable solution idea. In addition to customer problems, PO should be responsible for getting idea to spread via the word of mouth. PO should the Police Officer. Along the Discovery & Delivery journey, once problems were solved, far more new problems will emerge. PO should be the one to filter out noise and figure out what’s the next one.

Daniel’s Discovery & Delivery Journey

Daniel lives with such balance in his life and work (with his teammates). In addition to a Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainer and Certified Enterprise Coach, Daniel and his team are founding and engaged in the followings:

  1. GRail - a leading Europe ground transportation solution provider for non-European tourists. Partnering with Deutsche Bahn, Trenitalia, Italo and Flixbus, as well as online and offline travel agencies in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Grail makes Europe train & bus ticket booking, tax-refund painless.
  2. HiLife100 - A high-tech start-up with focus on cancer zero level prevention management and cancer precision health care.
  3. AHA Conference - the yearly conference with most AHAs.
  4. VioMall - a Cross-Border Electronic Commerce solution provider on car parts.
  5. Yihuode - a marketing and CRM product for trainers.

What Did Course Participants Say

Terry Wang (SM@Hiiir) & Richard Hsiao (VP Engineering@FunP)

(There was a candidate who shared concern about price on Facebook)
It was an awakening experience. It is priceless. If you need a craniotomy, will you try to find a cheap surgeon?

Yuki Yu - PO&Autodesk

  • I learned a lot of methodologies and tips for a PO. The analysis is very deep, how to discover real needs and generate backlog.
  • Combined with new concepts such as Lean Startup, I realized the importance of providing value to users as early as possible. 
  • Validate everything thing, to Invalidate instead of Validate. I learned a lot of new methods. I realized it is crucial to validate ideas

Bennett Chen - JetStar

  • Covered a lot of materials in lively manner (e.g. the combination of exercise / video are still imprinted in my mind)
  • Daniel’s knowledge and passion in the area (not to mention your drawing skill)
  • Talking about drawing, I love the way you combine all the different soft skills with the core knowledge. I personally think while they are not the core knowledge, they are essential skills for entrepreneurs.
  • Excellent job done Daniel.

Zheng Xu - VP of GE China

  • Learn a lot from 3 days agile development workshop. Impact Mapping, Design Studio, Story Map combined with Agile development is well represented in business transition and innovation services. The China local professional became stronger and stronger. Excellent Job, Daniel

What You Will Learn

During the course, Daniel will guide you through the process from idea to product backlog based on a real product. You will experience how to collaborate with teams to identify what is a good idea to explore, how to market the product idea on social media. You will also experience how to collaborate with teams to get things done with Scrum framework. You will also learn about how to combine latest product discovery and delivery ideas such as Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Impact Mapping, Pretotyping, Specification by Example with Scrum.

Day I - Scrum

  • Scrum overview
  • Scrum history
  • Scrum Roles
  • Organization design is foundation for agile transition
  • Balancing between survival and serendipity with Barbell Strategy

Day II - Discovery

1’s Story

1 is about the iterative process to discover good ideas including:

  • Setting business goals and metrics
  • Identifying the Brokens
  • Exploring solution ideas collaboratively
  • Leveraging early adopters to iteratively refine ideas
0’s Story

1 itself is not enough. We need add 0s to 1s, like 1,000,000. 0 is about getting idea to spread(marketing) including:

  • IdeaVirus
  • Purple Cow
  • Strategy to spread ideas across idea diffusion curve
  • How to market and design products based on customer and market segment
  • Spread via sneezers
  • Social media tips to spread

Day 3 - Delivery

  • Collaboratively creating / maintaining product backlog
  • ODDE is criteria for good product backlog
  • Story Mapping
  • Estimation
  • Batch
  • Cadence
  • Specification by Example
  • PO in Scrum meetings

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