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Certified Scrum Product Owner®
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    Date: 22-23 August, 2011
    Location: Trondheim, Norway

    Regular Price: nok 13900

    In Scrum the Product Owner role is the crucial connection between the Stakeholders and the Team that creates the product.

    Language: Norwegian

    The learning objectives of this course is to understand:

    • the Scrum Flow, the core component of the Scrum Framework and the Scrum vocabulary
    • the principles of empirical process control
    • the work culture Scrum creates
    • the scope of the Product Owner role in detail
    • the scope of the ScrumMaster role at a high level
    • the scope of the Team role at a high level
    • the relationship between vision and product roadmap
    • that the accuracy of an estimate is more important than the precision of the estimate
    • that estimates of size and duration can be done separately
    • the impact of pressuring team members to provide low estimates
    • product backlog grooming
    • the importance and benefits of prioritizing the product backlog
    • the implications of saying everything is mandatory
    • that proper prioritization of a product backlog is based on multiple factors
    • how much latitude to give a team in adjusting the sequence of work
    • the goal of release management
    • that planning is adaptive, iterative, and collaborative
    • why quality is frozen and the concept of technical debt
    • why software should be released early and frequently
    • velocity and release burndown chart 
    • how the Product Owner and Development Team collaborate during the Sprint
    • what team commitment means
    • why sprints are timeboxed and protected


    Though each CSPO course varies depending on the instructor, all Certified Scrum Product Owner® courses focus on Scrum from a product owner's perspective. Graduates will receive the CSPO designation. All CSPO courses are taught by Trainers approved by the Scrum Alliance.

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    Date: 22-23 August, 2011
    Location: Trondheim, Norway

    Clarion Collection Hotel Bakeriet
    Brattørgata 2
    Trondheim, 7010 Norway

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    Regular Price: nok 13900


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