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7/28/2011 12:00:00 AM Vernon Stinebaker Vision Center 東京都千代田区神田淡路町2-10-6 Tokyo Japan 35.6973833 139.7684497 200k JPY


Vernon Stinebaker

  • Course

    Date: 28-29 July, 2011
    Location: Tokyo, Japan

    Regular Price: 200k JPY

    認定スクラムプロダクトオーナー(CSPO)研修の内容は講師により異なりますが、CSPO研修はスクラムのプロダクトオーナーに重点を置きます。研修修了者は CSPOの資格を取得できます。CSPO研修の講師は、認定スクラムトレーナー(CST)資格を保持しています。


    This Certified Scrum Product Owner course is a 2-day intensive introduction to the Scrum framework detailing how Scrum and related agile practices are applied by Scrum teams to rapidly deliver potentially shippable products in frequent, time-boxed iterations.  The course uses a combination of lecture and experiential learning to instill a practical understanding of Scrum focusing on the activities the Product Owner including product visioning, backlog grooming, release planning, and recognizing early and continuous recognition of value. 


    このコースは、講義と PO の活動についてのワークショップの組み合わせで実施されます。ワークショップでは、製品ビジョンの策定、バックログの整理、リリース計画、早期から価値を提供しつづけることの意味などを探求します。

    The course is delivered by 2 experienced agile consultants.  Vernon Stinebaker, the primary trainer and CST has over 20 years experience in the IT industry and currently holds a senior technical and managerial position in a NASDAQ listed software company.  Kazumasa Ebata (Ebacky) is an agile coach at Odd-e with abundant experience in production line and web development He is always looking at ways to improve product development. He is currently engaged in coaching organizational improvements and software development (process and technology). The course will be delivered in a mixed language context with Ebacky providing translation services in Japanese to those parts of the course delivered by Vernon.

    2人の経験豊富なアジャイルコーチが講師を務めます。Vernon Stinebakerは、CSTでありメイントレーナです。IT業界で20年以上の経験があり、現在、NASDAQ 上場のソフトウェア会社で技術系、マネジメント系の上級職として働いています。江端一将(ebacky)は、Odd-e のアジャイルコーチです。Scrum の実践および Scrum についてのトレーニング/コーチングを続けてきています。Vernon による研修は英語で行われますが、同時通訳が提供されます。


    About a week before coming to class you'll receive via email pre-requisite Scrum overview reading material. Additionally, as part of the two-day class each participant will receive the following:

    • A copy of the course materials in electronic format 
    • 2 year membership with the Scrum Alliance  

    Participants can also claim 16 PDU's with the PMI.


    This course is organized by Ebacky and Odd-e Japan.

    研修開始の1週間まえには、あらかじめ読んでおいていただきたい Scrum の概要資料をお送りします。

    • 研修資料は、電子データとしても提供します。
    • 研修修了者は、Scrum Alliance の2年間の会員資格を取得します。


    この研修の運営は Odd-e Japan が行います。

    Though each CSPO course varies depending on the instructor, all Certified Scrum Product Owner® courses focus on Scrum from a product owner's perspective. Graduates will receive the CSPO designation. All CSPO courses are taught by Trainers approved by the Scrum Alliance.

  • Details

    Date: 28-29 July, 2011
    Location: Tokyo, Japan

    Vision Center
    Tokyo, Japan
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    Regular Price: 200k JPY


    The course is delivered by 2 experienced agile consultants.  Vernon Stinebaker, the primary trainer and CST has over 20 years experience in the IT industry and currently holds a senior technical and managerial position in a NASDAQ listed software company.  Kazumasa Ebata (Ebacky), the supporting trainer and agile coach at Odd-e has over 7 years experience coaching teams on the use of Scrum and agile engineering practices in Japan. Both bring significant practical experience in agile and traditional project delivery. This course will be delivered mixed English and Japanese with Ebacky providing translation services for those sections taught in English.

    研修は、2人の経験豊富なアジャイルコーチによって提供されます。Vernon Stinebakerは、CSTでありメイントレーナです。IT業界で20年以上の経験があり、現在、ナスダックのソフトウェア会社でシニアの技術者と経営者をしています。江端一将(ebacky)は、Odd-e のアジャイルコーチです。豊富なスクラムのトレーニングとコーチング経験があり、日本の会社に提供しています。研修は、混合言語になるでしょう。Vernonによって提供された内容をebackyが、日本語翻訳等、参加者に合うようにサービスを提供します。

    This course is organized by Ebacky and Odd-e Japan.

    研修の提供は、ebackyとOdd-e Japanがお送りします。

  • Agenda


    Ice-Breaker Exercise: Traditional vs. Agile approaches to problem solving

    Group Activity: #FAIL

    Challenges with requirements

    Defined vs. Empirical Approach to Project Management

    Agile Defined

    Agile Values

    Agile Principles

    Potentially Shippable Product

    Survival Game

    Scrum Background

    Scrum Origins

    Scrum Characteristics

    Scrum Framework




    Product Owner

    Product Owner Characteristics

    PO/ScrumMaster responsibilities

    The Chicken and the Pig


    Product Backlog


    User Stories

    Non-Functional Requirements

    Sprint Backlog

    Burndown Charts



    Definition of Done

    Horizontal vs. Vertical View

    Sprint Planning

    Daily Scrum 

    3 Questions

    Sprint Review

    Sprint Retrospective

    Scaling Scrum

    Product Owner Scaling

    Scrum Visualized

    Project Constraints

    Traditional vs. Agile

    Agile Value Game

    Class Project

    Product Vision



    Common Mistakes

    Exercise; Class Product Vision



    Capturing Requirements

    User Stories


    User Stories and Use Cases

    Why User Stories?

    User Roles


    User Story Techniques

    Exercise: User Story Mini-workshop


    Test Driven Work

    Exercise: Quality Workshop

    Utility of Requirements

    Exercise: Story Clean-up

    Prioritization Techniques




    Simple Prioritization

    100 Point Technique

    Exercise: Appling 100 Point Technique to Class Stories

    Agile Estimation

    Relative Estimation

    Wideband Estimation

    Accuracy vs. Precision

    Planning Poker

    Exercise: Planning Poker


    Release Planning

    Planning Issues


    Exercise: Release Plan

    Sprint Planning


    Exercise: Sprint Planning


    Exercise: Build It! (Scrum Simulation)


    Group Activity: #FAIL Revisited

    Final Q&A




  • Who Should Attend

    This 2-day class is targeted to individuals practicing or looking to perform as Product Owners but is also applicible to anyone interested in learning how to improve the visioning, development, and early and continuous delivery and recognition of value from their product development and client facing business activities.



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