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Certified Scrum Product Owner®
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  • Course

    Date: 29-30 August, 2011
    Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

    Regular Price: Rs.29,000
    Rs.28,000 for PMI members
    Rs.27,000 early bird before 8 Aug

    Course Overview
    Path-finding Internet-era companies have shown the way to rapid innovation and dominance in their market spaces. Following their lead, many organizations are adopting Agile approaches to improve their software development capability. This 2-day course provides a great foundation for anyone adopting Scrum, the most popular Agile framework. Scrum is a deceptively simple framework and you will quickly learn about its roles, artefacts and process. However, its adaptive nature and impact on traditional organizational models and ways of working requires a fundamental grasp of the underlying principles for a truly successful implementation. We put theory into practice in a number of exercises and simulations which are both enjoyable and instructive.

    Specific Requirements Focus
    Like the other role-specific training programs authorized by the Scrum Alliance, this class will include specific content on the role of the Product Owner. This entails the common challenges such as:

    • Designing your product plan to maximize business value & time to market
    • How to write requirements in an agile fashion
    • Balancing the competing interest of many stakeholders
    • Working in a globaly distributed implementation team

    Innovation Games®
    This course will also provide a deep-dive in the modern product innovation method, Innovation Games. Innovation Games are a collection of qualitative research and problem solving techniques, based on the collaborative facilitation of customers, colleagues, partners and the community at large. The techniques include both open ended and more focused methods for achieving actionable insights and results.

    Despite its name, this course is not just for Product Owners or Product Managers; it is an effective primer for anyone who will be closely involved with agile teams adopting the Scrum method. This includes Project & Program Managers, Product Owners, Business Owners, Requirements Analysts, IT managers, and Senior Developers.


    Students who have satisfactorily completed the course, and have paid their fees in full, are eligible to be designated as Certified Scrum Product Owners.


    Jesse Fewell is a writer, speaker, and trainer in the business of technology management. In addition to speaking for Agile, Scrum, and PMI conferences, he has collected a broad array of experiences in several sectors such as National Security, Aerospace, GIS, Stock Multimedia, Telecom, and Hospitality. Recently, he founded the PMI Agile Community of Practice, PMI’s component dedicated to Agile Project Management. Currently, he is the Managing Director of offshore agile projects at RippleRock India. A graduate of Johns Hopkins University, he is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) and a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST).


    "Jesse is brilliant.  CSM is probably the best training I have attended.  The class was funny, informative, and the ideas were explained in easy to grasp manner." - Pravin (India)

    "Valuable program which taught me many things even if I have been an Agile practitioner for 3 years."  - Anonymous(India)

    "After taking Jesse Fewell's seminar I now have the confidence to begin my scrum journey and provide true PM value to my company" - anonymous (USA)

    "Fun activities & important points put in a simple fashion." - Deepa (India)

    "Definitely recommend to anyone interested in Agile and how to quickly implement at work." - GC (USA)

    "The class was very interactive and less of presentation." - Jyothi (India)

    "This was not my first scrum class but it certainly was the best and most fun!" - Alex (USA)

    Though each CSPO course varies depending on the instructor, all Certified Scrum Product Owner® courses focus on Scrum from a product owner's perspective. Graduates will receive the CSPO designation. All CSPO courses are taught by Trainers approved by the Scrum Alliance.

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    Date: 29-30 August, 2011
    Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

    Ramada Hotel Bangalore
    #11 Park Road
    Near Indian Express Circle
    Bangalore, Karnataka 560051‎ India

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    Regular Price: Rs.29,000
    Rs.28,000 for PMI members
    Rs.27,000 early bird before 8 Aug


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